11 Aug 232 min 25 sec

Caleb gets out of his truck to brace the 110 degree heat index in order to talk about his double-crop corn planted into a watermelon field. It's a fast mover: V4 in the morning and V5 by the evening.

00:00 Hey guys, Caleb Tra here with XT Extreme Mag. And the other thing that is extreme out here is this weather that we've been having. Oh my word, it's 110, 112 degree heat index. 00:11 So we're gonna keep this short and sweet and well, I'm gonna get back into air condition, but today I am standing in a corn field and you say, well, 00:20 this is the first week of August. This is interesting. We've got some V four corn here. But you'd be like, what is that? Growing in between the rows of corn? Last watermelons, 00:30 and this is actually double crop corn. So this was a watermelon field, and this area of Georgia watermelons is a big crop and they get harvested 00:40 early summer, so in this area around June. So we've got a lot of growing season left to go. So we decided to come out here and plant some corn. 00:49 This is a little bit different than our full season corn because just how quickly the crop progresses. 00:57 With the gdu that we've been accumulating, we're getting around 35 to 40 GDU a day. So 72 hours after we stick the seed in the ground, it emerges. 01:09 We planted this corn about 12 days ago, and by the end of the day today it's going to be V five. And then in about three weeks from now, this corn will be tasseling. 01:19 So things move very quickly, which means that some of the products and practices that we utilize for our full season corn may not give us as good of a return on investment with this double 01:30 crop corn. So most guys around here, they might state the seed in the ground, throw on some nitrogen, flip the pivot on, 01:38 maybe hit it with fungicide a couple times and that's gonna be it. Well, that's not how we're doing here at Extreme Mag. 01:44 We're gonna see what can we do to push the envelope? What can we do to get another 10, 20, 30 bushels? What can we do to make more money here on the farm? 01:54 So that's what we're going to be doing this year with our double crop corn. We're gonna be doing some trials, 01:58 seeing what products can we apply to give us good return on investment, make a few more dollars. 02:04 And so we're going to be starting here in just a a day or two with our first pass through the field. Of course, 02:10 you can imagine we got some herbicide going out because in this field, watermelons are weeded. So y'all stay tuned. 02:17 We'll share you with you the results that we have.