Larger Sprayer Needs A Larger Tender Trailer
15 Apr 241m 39s

The shift from a 600 gallon sprayer to a 1200 gallon sprayer necessitated a more substantial solution for a tender trailer. So he finally broke down and bought a new trailer that he is pretty excited about. Here is what he likes about it.

00:00 So we're standing here in front of our Demco trailer. We used to run smaller sprayers. We ran 600 gallon sprayers 00:06 and we would get by with just 1600 gallon water trailer. So you took a 600 gallon sprayer, 00:11 you could get two loads out of that, out that water trailer, and then you could have another one coming in behind it. 00:16 As sprayers have gotten bigger and they're holding thousand, 1200 gallons, we needed a bigger way to get the water to the sprayer. 00:25 I've been watching all my buddies run these tender trailers and I finally broke down and bought one this year. 00:30 This is a Demco, uh, researched all the different trailers, all the different tender trailers. 00:35 Went out to Dim CO's factory and, and we got to see, you know, how they manufacture 'em and how things go. 00:41 And guys, to me, this is a Cadillac. We're not through with it. We've still gotta put a, a hose arm on it. 00:47 We've gotta put mixing tanks on here. We'll probably have, we're not real sure what we're gonna do. 00:52 I told Lane, I said we'll probably change it for the next three years anyway. So we're kind waiting to see exactly 00:57 what we wanna do with it. So, you know, time's coming up, we gotta have it ready right now. 01:02 We're going and getting our fertility products with it. Went to St. Gabriel, Louisiana, going to Charleston, Missouri this weekend, picking up some 01:09 of our infer and fertility products. So we don't have everything placed on here yet. Our holes, holes, arm is getting built, 01:16 but this is one cool piece of machinery right here. Finally built the bullet, bought it. We got a five horsepower Honda motor on it 01:23 with three inch hoses. So we feel like this is gonna be a big asset to our farm this year. 01:28 Demco has been really good. We've gotten a cart from 'em, getting another cart this year. 01:32 Um, this trailer's top notch.

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