Turn This Crop Around
8 Mar 231 min 10 sec

Kevin is taking advantage of nice weather to deliver a dose of fertility to his wheat crop.  He talks about the products that are going into his next application. 

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Teva Corporation

00:00 Got extremac Field Report here on our wheat. Today is February 23rd. We're sitting here beautiful day about 70 00:09 degrees something. We don't normally get supposed to be nearly 80 today. But come in with a sprayer 00:15 loading up with nitrogen. We're putting 24 s out running about 18 gallons acre right now on 00:21 this but application try to be very sustainable with nitrogen and use efficiency. We're putting our AG Explorer eggs, xr5 our 00:30 sulfur out we've got our pgr we're using radiate and we're running our Sweet Success sugar from 00:39 contact and we'll be pretty interesting to see how this works out and we're also adding our carbon our sea cat from 00:48 Teva all this isn't one application and a little Harmony out there as well for weeds. But anyhow, just to quick update on what's going 00:57 on here. Got some good weather to Wheats just don't look nothing great said way too much water on it, but I'm trying to turn this crop around y'all stay safe.

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