Turbocharging Corn Harvest with Faster Combine Unload Speed
11 Dec 231 min 1 sec

Lee Lubbers is trialing the Fendt IDEAL 8T Combine on his South Dakota Farm. First big difference he notices is the very fast unload speeds that the auger delivers. As a grain cart operator, he says we spend too much time under the auger.

00:00 Hey everybody, it's Lee Lubert Extreme Ag from Gregory South Dakota. Today. Trialing a f ideal at 00:07 combine and I'm loving it. Uh, there's so many neat features on it that I love, uh, running here. 00:15 It's very intuitive, very easy to catch onto. And the one thing that just absolutely blows me away is the unloading speed. 00:23 Uh, six bushels a second. It's double what we've been running before and I run grain cart a lot in our operation. 00:32 Dumping on the go has always been a bottleneck and efficiency. We spend too much time under the auger. 00:38 I am just blown away by it. The last two days, we dumped so much faster. Our grain cart is back to the truck 00:45 and dumping where normally we'd still have it stuck underneath the auger. Uh, that gain in efficiency, I'm sure it's gonna gain. 00:53 Its at least 10% on a day. It's big.

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