Trying Something New
20 May 230 min 50 sec

Chad is running a new product in his planter applied fertility that he has never had the opportunity to try before. Stay tuned for updates this season.

00:00 Hey y'all. This's Chad Henderson with Extreme Ag and here we are again. You see them tanks. Got four of 'em on here, 00:06 and I got this yield Enhancer plus from Stoler. This is a new product we're trying, you know, the Stoler company's been around a long time and we haven't never really run any 00:15 of their products, you know, it's just kind of territorial type deal. So they've come to me and they said, Hey, 00:19 we wanna try some more products sponsor for extreme Ag. So, man, yeah, I'm in the game. So this is our pgr. It's four ounces of acre in the fur. 00:26 So when we done that today, what we done is plant around the field, plant some strips through the field, then I switched the valves on the tank, 00:33 put this in it four ounces, and let it kind of shake up and then switch the valves on the tank and done rest of field with a yield enhancer plus. So we'll keep y'all posted, 00:42 see how it goes out, and then, uh, here we go again.

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