Trying a new Wheat Seed Treatment on his Farm
21 Oct 231 min 12 sec

Lee's giving a new seed treatment a whirl on his wheat fields this season. Stay tuned for the results.

00:00 Hey everybody, this is Lee Luber Extreme Ag and thanks for joining me for No Shave Monday. Christmas came early from F M C. 00:08 We got the new aerogen seed treatment. It has an ingredient similar to, uh, their Zion R product and their internal data showing some awesome results 00:20 on wheat. And they wanted our group to try it. So multiple ones of us are able to do that. This fall, I'm gonna treat up 46 bushels. It's just a small container inside the bucket, 00:31 and I'm gonna add it in to what I have. They said, run it with your seed treatment the way you've been doing it. It's, uh, low use rate, 0.6 tenths of an ounce per hundred weight. 00:43 So easy peasy. Uh, we're gonna put it in a block, uh, in a field about one mile from my house. Gonna keep an eye on it. On emergence, uh, tilling everything. Uh, they're gonna come out and take a peek at it too, 00:57 multiple times and tissue tests. And we're gonna take it to yield and see how it turns out. But we're gonna have a dedicated block in the middle of a half section, 01:06 so stay tuned.

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