A new program to help farmers with the expenses of transitioning to regenerative agriculture
29 Apr 242m 24s

Kelly shares news about a new initiative that aims to mitigate the risks and expenses associated with adopting new farming methods. More info on the financial assistance program is here:


00:00 The most expensive sentence in agriculture is, this is the way we've always done it. That mentality persists because change is hard. 00:06 Change comes with risk, and if we make the wrong change, it can be expensive. The folks at Tru Tera are taking the risk 00:12 and the expense out of the word change. They're offering financial assistance for any grower that wants to try no-till for the first time, 00:20 or cover crops for the first time. Or if you want to be like Temple Roads and Chad Henderson and you just want to send it, you can do both. 00:26 For the first time all in one year, it's up to a 500 acre program per grower. The payment is $20 an acre for no-till $80 an acre 00:35 for cover crops, or obviously a hundred dollars an acre if you want to do both. So if you wanna try both on 500 acres, 00:42 Tru Tera will give you $50,000 of incentive to take the risk. Take the change, whatever term you want to use. 00:49 Take that outta the equation. It's important to know here that you are not selling an environmental asset. 00:54 You are not selling carbon. So this is not tying you to anything. If you want to enter the financial Assistance program 01:00 and get the incentive, you can then sell your carbon. It's also important to note, this is for the 25 crop here. There's a lot of talk in our industry right now, 01:08 about 45 z and a CI score. I would tell you, don't get your CI score yet. The Department of Energy is going to update the greet model. 01:15 The IRS has got to interpret the 45 Z tax law, and we don't know where we're at yet. This financial assistance from TRU is for the 25 crop here. 01:24 The reason we're talking about it now is to be organized and to know, do you wanna put cover crops in this fall? 01:30 Do you wanna put cover crops in this spring? We need to make these decisions ahead of time instead of always being under the gun 01:35 and having to make a snap decision. You might wanna spend the summer educating yourself and deciding what the right program is. 01:41 But again, this financial assistance does not tie you to a program. You're not selling an environmental asset. 01:46 So maybe you can double up on some programs. You know, if you sell your carbon for the 25 crop year and you try no-till and cover crops, you might be eligible 01:54 for up to $130 an acre on 500 acres. That's a lot of money. 65,000 to be exact with sub $5 corn, an extra $130 an acre would sure come in handy. 02:03 So again, it's up to a hundred dollars an acre on a financial assistance program. It doesn't tie you to anything. 02:09 You're not selling your environmental asset. It's a one year and done program. This is the perfect program for a farmer 02:15 to dip their toe into no-till and cover crops and not have the risk of change.

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