Trialing the Fendt Momentum Planter
29 Jun 223 min 31 sec

Fendt's Momentum Planter has been getting a lot of attention because of its innovative features that allow for an increased payload and significantly reduced compaction.Everything on the Fendt Momentum Planter is designed to keep the operator in the cab for more acres without having to stop.  Lee Lubbers got his hands on one this spring and ran it through the paces in a side by side trial with his John Deere planter.  

00:00 Everybody this is Lee Loopers with extreme AG in the field here. My brother Terry. He's laying out the initial Mark in the 00:06 South section so we can start doing our tiger stripe planter trial today with the Fenton momentum and had a 00:12 few minutes and I'm standing here by this few fertilizer tank and I get dizzy looking at I mean, this thing's a 00:19 business is a thousand gallons and we won't put one on our planner because it scares us for compaction. So I'm like, 00:25 how are you gonna pull this off today? Are we want the girl were to have a thousand gallon tank? And because that gives plans are efficiency plenty efficiency. How do we do this? 00:35 Tire inflation weight transfer everything automatic. We are literally monitoring if the planter is folded and folded and will inflate 00:44 and deflate the tire from field mode to our roadmode automatically. Well on our plan, we've got Gears frame 00:51 rate compensation. It's hydraulic cylinders and it pushes out. So, how are you different than what deers pushing out? 00:57 Yeah, when you're using pounds and those cylinders and you don't have a measurement you are transferring to wait, but you don't have the accuracy what 01:06 we are doing we have spindles that measure the weight of the planter in the center frame and in the wings. So when you try to balance the weight these 01:15 cylinders, they will not stop transferring and feel doing and the center and measuring the same. So now you 01:21 have a high capacity planter with the way distribution and the benefit of yourself compaction management of a box planter. Well, 01:27 I remember when we first made the transition to CCS that Seed in the center. We were nervous because box planners 01:34 we loved him because it was a consistency and yeah, we've had that issue before of this the pintro syndrome and when you pick up in the end your plantar 01:43 sinks in I noticed yesterday when I just add them and we were folding out doing the one touch. It was pretty cool. I watched them the Monitor and 01:52 There was the bars it was showing in transport that it was the pressure on the Mainframe. And before we were done and when it did this and it auto compensated before we 02:01 even moved the tractor. Yeah, and there's the convenience right The Operators, sometimes it's so many things to watch when 02:07 you're talking about the the Planter seed placement singulation everything that we can do to make planting easier that that's an hour later. 02:16 well The less extra steps we got to take in the day that that's great. And I don't want to make mistakes. Absolutely. I heard from mood many many Growers that 02:26 they had a cheat sheet of how many steps they need to follow to unfold the planter and when we have something as simple as 02:32 our one one button push forward and fold little things makes a difference and that's definitely something that connected with Farmers. Well running 18 20 hour 02:41 days. You want to make things as simple as you can well do avoid, you know mistakes because we only get one 02:47 chance the plant this crop right? We don't get any takes you back season. They'll do overs nothing. So we've got to do it right the first time. So if the machine 02:56 or Poland can do that for us, that's awesome. We get that. Well, it's gonna be a fun day. We're gonna do this trial and we're gonna take it to harvest and get a lot of data. We're 03:05 gonna check mainframes throughout the season both planners and start looking for differences and ear length and diameter kernels and ears. 03:14 So today's a good day. It's beautiful. The sunshine and this is the day to do a planner test. Thanks for having us Lee. Hey awesome Lee Loopers 03:23 the extreme egg. Let's do it.

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