10 Aug 222 min 14 sec

Kelly takes his new Honeybee Airflex Header for a spin during wheat harvest.  There are a few things he immediately likes about it. 

00:00 Hi, this is Kelly Garrett from extreme mag. We're here in the combine. This is a field report on the new Honey Bee Draper 00:06 week. We purchased it's a 36 foot Draper working really well out here. I'm here with the territory manager. Jason Crumley a friend of mine. I'm gonna let Jason talk 00:15 to you about some of the highlights of the of our new Draper. Sure. I'll try and be real quick because I can talk too much. But thanks for opportunity to 00:24 get out here. Absolutely. Love coming out. I got to come out last year. I got to come out again. 00:29 Remag and it really is exactly what it is beautiful territory grounds taken care of. So it's given in the real test what I love about it. 00:40 It's gonna start liking more and more as he goes. Is one of the things no matter what crop we go through being direct drive. We we generally will 00:48 run a mile an hour faster than our competition. And that's and we've been seeing that today. Yeah, yeah. A lot of people can talk about it. But then you also need to get out and make sure the crop 00:59 is not being pushed forward. So there's two different things. We're also doing this in. 01:04 A little bit different last year. We we totally went low cut which is 01:09 Adventure less to the ground. Very close this year. We put on our skid shoes we've got A real nice sketchu basically pumps it up, but it's about two inches 01:18 off the ground here, which is perfect for the winter wheat, you know, a lot of people Chad Henderson cuts his wheat, six eight inches 01:24 high, but we want to bail the straw to use his bedding for our livestock. So a couple inches high out here works really good for us. It's a great program those kids shoes. 01:33 They should be doing real. Well, especially for this kind of program the nice thing about those skid 01:38 relates to our product because we can leave our head in Flex mode and run our skit shoes so we can harvest wheat in uneven 01:44 terrain and keep our level picking height. Where we've got this one, we've got another one if you want to be up to nine inches that are gonna be released next year. So it 01:55 opens up a lot of opportunity for me to harvest. I'm really happy with the honey bee this is our second year with it in wheat. I look 02:01 forward to using it in soybeans and Jason. Thanks for coming out. I Look to be back here. Sorry Harvest so 02:06 Guys again, thank you.

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