Transforming Swampy Ground into High-Yield, Sustainable Farmland
13 Oct 231 min 20 sec

It's been the 129th driest year out of the 131 on record and this field is still draining. Another example of where his high-yield path and his sustainable path converge to improve the ROI on his farm.

00:00 Hi, this is Kelly Gear from Extreme Ag. I just checked this tile line that we put in a year ago right here. It's been the hundred and 29th driest year out of the 131 00:10 on record, and yet this tile line is still running. That shows you how many springs or how strong this spring is up this creek. We've got about three or four tile lines up here. They all, 00:21 they all tie in together and they come right down here. We've rented this farm for about four years. We just bought it a year ago. This was all swampy up and down this draw right here, up and down this creek. 00:31 We sold the acreage to my good friend and business partner, Mike Windrow. We tiled it, put a fence in to farm to swampy area. 00:38 Now we've pulled into combine this corn. The corn is tremendous, even as dry as it has been, 00:42 it's 230, 240 bushel corn in this old swampy ground. The soil health is good. I need to get Mariah to come out here. I need to put this into the Tru Terra sustainability tool. 00:52 This tile is allowing us to utilize the ground. This tile is allowing the ground to become productive, and this tile is allowing the ground to become sustainable. 01:02 It's improving the soil health, the R o I. This is another example of my high yield path and my sustainable path converging to improve the r o I on the farm. 01:11 Here we are working with Mother Nature instead of against her for the benefit of everyone.

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