Too Good To Talk About
19 Apr 233 min 32 sec

Last year Kevin applied


 from SoundAg to his double crop beans.  It worked.  In fact, it worked so well that Kevin decided that he did not want to talk about the big yield gain unless he can replicate it again this season.  He talks about the potential yield gains on double-crop soybeans.

00:00 So last year guys ladies, we we try to product from sound AG called source, and we use this on corn and soybeans. 00:09 But today I'm going to talk to you about soybeans. So this is soft red winter wheat right here that we're standing in this crop will be harvested. Hopefully June 17th through 00:18 June 22nd immediately behind the combines. We will be planting our double crop soybeans and Typically, those are the hardest ones to get the best yield out of but 00:29 last year using the source product. We've seen some crazy stuff. and it was actually something we wouldn't show 00:37 to the public and I wouldn't even show it to our members because It was too big of a yield Gap. And typically 00:44 if I see a four or five Bush will yield increase on soybeans and I can believe it but and I can trust it but this right here was actually really really good 00:53 and I talked to him a sound and and they wanted to be the same way idea. They didn't want to throw some number out there that 01:02 was off the wall. So they said let's replicate it this year if it's possible then we know we got some you know, we got a something that you some real 01:11 solid data and it don't look like I'm just trying to sell some product because I ain't into that. I wanted to perform on my 01:17 farm and on your farm. So what we got. we will plant these double crop soybeans and then we're going to come in at the label time 01:27 and with our source and do a foliar spray and On those soybeans. It's really interesting. If we can replicate what we've 01:38 done last year that's going to be amazing. But our gain our goal is maybe pick up four or five bushels, maybe six to eight bushels soybeans, so 01:49 If we average 50 to 60 bushels on double crop soybeans that's really good. But with the intense management and the work with all the guys that extreme 01:58 AG we've been working on last year was in that 70 plus bushel range. Now, it was a good year. The environment was good on it. But still we made it a happy 02:07 home for that environment. So we're really interested in seeing how this sound AG Source soybean 02:13 product works out this year. I really I really got some real strong feelings about it. And actually I'm gonna put it on several more 02:22 acres in just to trial because I feel pretty good about it because I know we used it properly last year on our double crop acres and when the 02:31 products are used properly, that's the best time to see if they're going to perform. But again, it's a new product and we like more than one year data, but 02:40 I think you're going to be pretty happy and I would encourage you to buy some and try a 40 acre trial or 50 acre trial or at least 02:49 like 10% of your double crop Acres or 20% and see because that is where we can pick up tremendous yield potential on them 02:58 because if you're full seasons are already yielding really really good, you know 80 bushel beans. It's hard to improve them to 85 03:04 and 90, but if you're in that seat 50 60 Bush will range double crop. It's much easier to bring it up to a 65 or 70 and goodness folks 03:13 that pays the bills and the interest rates are higher now. We really got to watch this stuff. We need all we can get 03:19 y'all stay safe. If you have any questions, please email us call us and talk to us about it. We'll help 03:25 you all we can. Thank you.

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