Three Things Lee Does Every December
21 Dec 231 min 50 sec

Now that the crop season is over, Lee shares the three things he always does in December to make sure the next season starts on the right foot.

00:00 Hey everybody, it's Lee Luber at Extreme Ag in Greggy, South Dakota. And there's three things we like 00:05 to do every year in December. Number one that I'll be doing next week is I go over and I sit down at our accountant's office 00:13 and, uh, our lender's right there with me. Uh, we started doing that several years ago. That has been awesome. 00:20 The synergies that happen, uh, between your tax planner and your lender, we've gotta remember as, uh, producers, it's not adversarial. 00:27 They're part of your team. That meeting always goes great. And then we go across town. 00:33 Then we sit there, uh, with the guy that we work with on marketing ideas, planning out all of 2024, catching up on 23. 00:40 Making a big battle plan really works well for account lender marketing and myself all in the same room with a lot 00:48 of information firing back and forth. A lot of brainstorming. It's huge. I know a lot of farmers dread that. 00:54 Uh, I look forward to it every year. Number two, what I like to do in December is finalize all of our chemical programs 01:02 and review everything with our retailers that we work with. Make sure we're maximizing what we do value wise 01:09 and performance wise so we don't have surprises on supply. So we have everything in place months 01:15 ahead before we go to the field. Number three, spend time with my kids. Dad's been in the field a lot this year, so, uh, 01:23 I like spending time with my girls. Uh, we like to go on little mini trips, uh, do things to get away. 01:29 Just spend time together. Go uptown to the coffee shop, grab a hot cocoa, whatever it may be. Enjoy the time with family. 01:36 Those are the top three things that I like to do every December to make the next year just be awesome. I'm Lee Luber, extreme Ag. Let's do it.

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