This Might Be Our New Standard
8 Jul 231 min 31 sec

Temple took a cue from Johny Verell and used his sprayer to side-dress his corn with streamer nozzles. Here is what happened.

00:00 Here we go. Johnny Rell. So Johnny gave me this, uh, his little secret where he came out and he streamed fertilizer on and I told him I'd do another video. So we did a video while we were applying it. 00:14 I took some pictures, uh, you know, four to five days after applying it, you know, and I thought it'd be all burned up, you know, with the nitrogen. And, 00:22 uh, we put applied it all with the Panera Stream tips and we kind of laid it right down in between the rows and tried to mitigate as much fertility on the plants 00:30 as possible. Well, this, this farm's been five and a half weeks without rain. Uh, we caught it rain, uh, maybe a 10th or two right after we applied it. 00:41 So maybe it helped wash some of that off, you know, if it did get some fertility on it. But I'm pretty impressed, like corn looks really good. Um, that's how we side dressed our corn this year. 00:52 Straight over to the top, straight stream nozzles straight, send it. Don't worry about it. Hashtag Johnny Verell's new program. 01:02 So let me look. Lemme take a look here. So, I mean, if you look down here like you really, the corn looks good. I mean, maybe this is a spot where there was a little bit of damage onto 01:15 the corn, but man, I'm telling you what, I'm super impressed. I don't know if this won't be our new standard from here on out. 01:24 Thanks Johnny Verell.

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