This Is Where I want To Push The Envelope
28 Jul 230 min 54 sec

Chad talks about his next application of an EPA registered biological fungicide from Rizobacter.

00:00 Hey y'all, it's Chad Henderson with Extreme Ag and we're walking out here in the field and looking at little beans. 00:05 And this is where we're fixing to put some Pace Setter immersion out. So we're gonna put out on a hundred acres here and we'll figure out what we got 00:12 going on with it, which we know what it does. We've been on this stuff for two or three years. We spray a good bit of it around. 00:18 So we've been using Pace Setter for a couple years. Pace Setter is actually a biological fungicide and it's been EPA registered for that. Now. Immersion part is the fertility side, 00:28 so we'll be trialing this pace setter and emerging, uh, out here in this bean field. And then we'll also be trialing it on some double crop beans. You know, 00:35 I'm the double crop bean man, I guess. Well, I guess that's the self title that I just give myself because I don't think anybody's given myself that title. But anyway, 00:43 I like to focus on double crops because I have a good, good many of 'em, and that's where I wanna push the envelope at. Thank y'all.

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