This Has The Potential To Push These Beans Over The Top
28 May 232 min 58 sec

He thinks he has one of the best starts on beans so far. He does a root check on his R1-R2 soybeans that are part of trial plot for


 a new product from Concept Agritek. Here is what he sees so far.

00:00 So guys, we come out here in the field today and we found something pretty neat. Lane and I are looking at some of these beans. 00:05 We've got a product we put out with concept, a agritech called Amino Group, and it's a new product, it's on a limited basis this year. 00:12 I was talking to Bert, who's the head of agronomy for Concept A Agritech, and he, he literally said, if you wanna, 00:18 if you wanna change the way you're farming, we think this product's really gonna do it. Just real quick, what we've done, you can see right here, this is the, um, 00:28 applied, this was applied at v3 and then we turned around and just applied it again at R one, uh, almost between R one and R two. 00:37 Somewhere in that range was a little, little bit later than R one and we're, you know, we're, we're kind of on the last of that. Um, 00:44 over here you got the check and the, the, the plants at Burnt Pool LA last week, 10 days ago were even more impressive than this. 00:54 But you could see the difference in the, in, in the root system already. We don't use any inferral. Uh, we have a little bit of trouble getting infer to, 01:01 to participate, play well with us. So we just kind of took that out of our system. We do use a lot of, uh, fall poultry litter, which gives us a lot of nutrients concentrated on the bed. 01:12 One thing I see right off the bat, look at the dibs and the nodules. So this is a treated plant and we didn't go out here and just pick out, 01:19 you know, plants specifically pull, pull, pull plants. You throw the hat out there and, and you go get the plant where that's at. But look at the nodules on the amino grow treated and then look at the nodules 01:31 on the untreated. This one's got a little bit more what I see. These have got ample amount of nodules, but these are going crazy. Okay? 01:40 Then come over here, pull all the, all the leaves off. We can see the fruiting sites. We're looking at 27 fruiting sites here on the untreated 01:53 and 33 fruiting sites on the treaty. Again, bigger root system, more fibers, roots, probably not as many, not as drastic on the nodules here, 02:04 but we've been watering around with these plants and you see on the tailgate, we've knocked a lot of nodules off. If you take that converted to numbers, 02:10 you're looking at about 20% more fruiting branches on this plant than you do this plant. So we're real excited about what we've seen after this. 02:20 Root dig beans are looking fantastic. We've had ample amount of moisture. I told Lane earlier, I said, 02:25 we've probably got one of the best starts on soybeans that we've ever had. So, just a quick tidbit on what's going on with Amino grow. 02:33 When Bert pulled those, those plants 10 days ago, I called him immediately when he sent the picture and I said, I need to know what we're gonna put on next. 02:41 Because when you see this much difference early, this is, we, this has got really good potential to push these plants and, 02:47 and push 'em over the top. So we'll have some follow up videos on it. See what goes on. See you next time.

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