This Gives Me A Bigger WIndow
11 May 232 min 19 sec

When you farm as many acres as Chad with as many different soil types and locations, you have to focus on efficiency. Chad talks about why he chooses to use

Pivot Bio's

 Proven 40 on certain acres, and not on others.

00:00 Hey y'all, it's Chad Henderson with extreme egg and we just got done planting the most of the corn crop. We like about 20 00:06 acres. We got a piece back in maybe a little bit more for weather provides, but we just didn't want to trials with pivot bow and y'all see me talk 00:15 about it. And we we've been trying his two three years for Dan posting a team there and just been had excellent results. You 00:22 know, we've learned a lot, you know from from what we have where to put it where not to put it what to do what not to do how much nice and take away how much to add 00:31 you know, and which will never really add any but how much in the whole blend of it, I guess is what I'm trying to say. So, you know, we'll keep trial in this whether it's 20 00:40 or 30 or 40 pounds that we take away when you talk about the proven product. So but the words, you know that we're trying 00:46 to do and what we try to keep pushing forward here is how efficient it is and how to fish and it'll you know, it'll make with us 00:52 using our nitrates. You know, we're using that s*** or are you real or how are we going to come about the whole total end that will 01:00 Do when we're providing and and making a corn crop, you know, so we put that into play and we put it into play on places that different Farms that 01:09 may be to where I can't get back to them on a timely matter nap gets me a bigger window with using a proven 40, you 01:15 know, something like that product. And so when we do that, you know, we keep that in accountability, you know, so there's 01:22 definitely places that I put it definitely places that I that I may not put it, you know in in both senses, but the words you 01:28 know that I use that I want to think I'm doing better is efficiency, you know sustainability, you know, those things when we start using 01:34 the using products like proving 40 and pivot then we can do those things, you know, because we're using less and we're trying to be more efficient with a fertilizer. We're trying to 01:44 be more sustainable where the things that we've got given to us and the products that we can use so we'll give 01:51 you all the results. We'll keep them coming. We're gonna see 20 30 40 pounds reduction on it and see where 01:57 where are numbers lie where the ROI lies. And just what we need to do on different soils to make those yields, you know and to get what we can do to be the best Farmers we 02:06 can be and to be as most efficient with our fertility as we can be so y'all hang in there efficiency sustainability. Those 02:13 are the words of the day.

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