This Boron IS Getting In The Game
4 May 231 min 6 sec

Chad is already excited about his first Boron application.  He talks about what he is using this season and why.

00:00 Are you always Chad Henderson was extreme Ag and you know, you heard me talk about boron here lately. So I've been 00:06 to put her in the game here. We are sitting on this pallet of moron and we looked up coming up on herbicide here shortly on some 00:13 corn. We got our corn it's growing and we'll start that a couple weeks. So we're going to use this more on here because we like to wait gets into plant and this 00:23 is gonna be the first year. We kind of put this into our grower standard practice, but this is what we're looking at and this is a lot of it's gonna 00:32 be ease of use, you know, maybe two of these boxes for is half a pound rate and 50 acres and I'll probably put 00:38 a half pound on with this specific recipe here and and it'll be you know, we can't sometimes we can't get the totes on the truck, you know, when you 00:48 get all kind of things going on when you're putting that herbicide and so this is going to be something that we can put two boxes on. 00:54 It's lost smaller use rape. So look for more stuff coming. We got a palette Laura. Put it in a game. 01:01 Be ready.

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