Thinking Ahead
29 Apr 231 min 11 sec

Kelly is not done planting but he is already thinking about his post-chem and fungicide passes. 

00:00 This is Kelly Garrett from extreme egg. Now even though we just started planting. I'm already thinking about what I'm going to do at my postcam pass 00:06 and my fungicide pass. One of the products almost likely add is terramore from Loveland to help out with my stress 00:12 mitigation. It's also a carbon source, so it'll help with nutrient uptake. The reason I really like teramore is the Marine 00:18 base technology that's in there that helps us stress mitigation. It's the same technology that's in accomplished Max which I 00:24 saw really big yield gains in 2021 out of accomplished. Max has become a grower standard practice on my farm. We had 00:30 a few trials with terramar last year and our drip irrigation produce very nice results and we're going to use a lot more terramar this 00:36 year in both crops. It's eight to ten dollars an acre retail. Typically you can add it with your postcam and then you 00:42 can add it again with your fungicide. I've said before that. I don't really think we know what a stress-free plant looks like because we've never seen one 00:48 terramar helps us move in that direction and the more stress we can take off the plant the happier the plant will be in the better. The yield will be terramar is a product that everybody should take a look at stress mitigation 00:57 and plant health is something we should do. We waste a lot of money on fertility because our plants don't reach the potential because the stress they're under that you can't even see.

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