The Wheat Wager Champion Weighs In
23 Dec 223 min 33 sec

Last year's Wheat Wager Winner, Matt Miles, wonders if the others really have a chance, and talks about the steps he has already taken to win back-to-back titles.

00:00 Hi guys, Matt miles. We'll text me early today. He said everybody's got their wheat wager video in you know, but you and I 00:08 thought about that a little while not I thought you know, I I don't know why I need to do any Wheat wager videos this 00:14 year. I smoked everybody last year. I don't know why I need to do any Wheat wager videos this year. I smoked everybody last year. I mean, 00:24 it's really not much to it or not more much more I can add other than the fact that you know, they really don't have a chance where I'm standing today last year 00:33 my week week videos. I would probably be close to boot top tall. I know Chad sent out a video and and his wheat looks pretty amazing this year. 00:42 We we were really dry. It took us a while to get to the planting dates, you know to get the moisture. So we planted later didn't get as many fall tillers as 00:51 we do is, you know, we wanted Chad always tells me that fall tillers are a lot better than spring tiller. So we're gonna see how spring tillers work this 01:00 year because we didn't get very many fall. So what we've done so far this field we planted the first week of November. We applied a 01:08 herbicide residual herbicide residual for the rye grass, which is really bad down here. Then we also added pre-axle as a fungicide on the 01:17 ground put a little bit ammonia sulfate under it. We already had a ton and a half a litter from the previous crops. So when I say crops 01:27 I'm being plural. So you're you're doing this contest in the field that we did to Triple crop in so this field here is already had one soil 01:36 being crop planted in February was harvested July 31st. Don't July the 31st. We planted our second Bean crop. It was harvested on October 01:45 the 30th. I think planted a wheat crop as we were cutting the last Bean crop. So combine was going through the field Harps and the beans wheat drill was coming behind that. 01:56 prior to the drilling a week Before the second Bean crop we put out a ton and a half of litter. So we got a 40 bushel 02:04 41 bushel yield out of the second Bean crop this year. So, you know that we felt like we still had enough fertilizer there to to you know, kick out kick off 02:13 the plant get it going until it went into dormacy also ran a stress mitigator. We ran a 02:19 pgr C treatment kind of a special feel for me. This is the first field that that we ever achieved over 100 bushels acre on soybeans own. So hopefully 02:28 we got a little a little something going on here maybe to make a difference in because you we're not gonna get any better Soul where I'm standing right now as far as what we 02:37 having a Delta, you know, right now I'm gonna say that Chad's kind of got to jump on everybody. He's building that 02:43 new race car. He's got it all souped up. Now. He's got his wheat souped up, you know last year. He was complaining about he had to plant too late and Kevin was 02:52 complaining about the Easter freeze. Well, I wouldn't look to Kelly's week, you know, I don't know Chad and I went looked at 02:58 The day me and him Kevin and he said there's my wheat and you know, I always think was Bear dirt. So, you know, he's gonna 03:04 have excuses don't come up in time. And then Darth Vader's out there today in a winter blizzard. So I'm sure that'll be in in his book of excuses and I'll 03:13 be coming up with a bunch of mine as I go. I've already told you one. We planted late. I've got Chad's excuse some last year didn't get 03:19 the fall tillers we needed so, you know, we're all gonna come up with these excuses man. When you're going up against the guys I'm going up again. If I come in last I'm still gonna feel like I come 03:28 in first.

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