The Wheat Freezer
22 Dec 221 min 19 sec

Our newest XtremeAg affiliate, Johnny Verell is off to a good start in his first Wheat Wager competition, but he's no stranger to high yielding wheat on his Jackson, Tennessee farm. If he is going to compete for the Wheat Wager title, he's gonna have to get thru the next few days of extremely cold temperatures.

00:00 Is Johnny Burrell I farm in Jackson Tennessee. I entered the wheat yield contest with the guys this year and going to see 00:06 how we can do competing with them this we feel behind me. We planted about October 10th. We put a insecticide and 00:12 a couple of fungicides on the wheat. We also added zinc to the seed we seem to get good response directly to the Sea. So we 00:21 use the zinc product on the seed. And after that we came out and I guess about the November 10th. We did a fall herbicide program on it. 00:30 We were extremely dry this year going into planting the wheat, we we had gone a long time without rain. So we didn't have a lot of weeds a lot of germination on the weed. So 00:39 we did a herbicide program in November and really clean this wheat crop up. It looks really really good across the whole field, and I guess the next pass for 00:48 us to be some time in January will come out with a shot of nitrogen and sulfur on the wheat and try to get it kicked off and growing after the winter. We're gonna go through some 00:57 of the coldest temperatures. I've seen in my life tomorrow. So we'll see how this week looks going into the weekend, but 01:03 we're gonna go from in the 40s to negative one negative two degrees in a 24-hour period, so I'm sure the way to get burned pretty good unless we're fortunate enough to get some type 01:12 of snow on it before the freeze comes across. Thank you.

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