Fendt Introduces the 200 Series at Commodity Classic 2024: Calling it the Swiss Army Knife for Modern Farming
4 Apr 24

At the Commodity Classic 2024, Fendt unveiled its Vario 200 series tractors, calling the ultimate utility vehicle for the modern farm.

The 200 series starts at 95 horsepower and reaches up to 124, offering both standard and narrow versions for versatile field applications, including vineyards. Highlighted features include front axle and cab suspension, a standard CVT transmission for seamless operation without the need for clutching or shifting, and compatibility with both large and small implements, showcasing the same operating system across tractors ranging up to 500 horsepower.

Kelly and Damian get their first look at what Fendt calls the Swiss Army Knife of Tractors.

00:00 Hey, asking the question, what's new from Commodity Classic 2024. We're in the Fent booth with Brandon Montgomery 00:05 and my man Kelly Garrett talking about this. Varrio two elevens 110 horsepower. These this size of tractor's now 00:12 almost called a utility tractor. Uh, which seems a little big, but if I old by old the old day standards. 00:16 But, uh, it's got a loader on it. It does a whole bunch of stuff. It's got the front wheel assist. 00:21 It's, uh, got a whole bunch more technology that you're gonna explain to me anyway. What's new? What's it do? 00:26 What's new? This is the 200 series. This is brand new from Fent. It starts at 95 horsepower 00:32 and goes up to 124 horsepower in that range. We're looking at the standard version here today. So that means it's the, the natural stance, 00:39 but we also offer a narrow version to go in vineyard applications too. And this thing is like the Swiss Army knife on the farm. 00:46 They can do absolutely anything. It's got front axle suspension, cab suspension. It's standard with a CVT transmission. 00:53 There's no clutching, no shifting. So cattle work, loading manure, everything on the farm that you need to do, um, auger cart work. 01:01 And it's got the same operating system on a small tractor as it does a 500 horsepower tractor. 01:06 So if you need to go back in to replant, which often happens with a smaller planter, you can go back 01:10 and hit those spots that have been flooded out Yeah. In The spring. That's, that's a neat application I thought about. 01:14 Where do you use something like this? I I, the Swiss army knife concept speaks to me as a dairy farm kid. 01:19 You're using, you're using your tractor not just for one task. You're using it for a whole bunch of stuff. This gets well, 01:24 Like you talked about, you know, the power that's here, the 110 horse front wheel assist, but still the compact size of it going into my cattle shed 01:32 and low load manure going into my com commodity shed loading the feed wagon, pushing snow 01:37 around the house, things like that. Loading bales. The size of it is nice because it makes it more nimble. 01:42 More maneuverable. Yeah. But still has a powerhouse. Yeah. You know that that's what is attractive to 01:48 Me. Yeah. The trade off used to be okay. Yeah, it's nimble. I can get in stuff, but also it's not 01:52 enough juice once I get there. This thing's, uh, this thing's got the power and all that. Do most of these, I'm gonna guess, granted it's new, come 02:01 probably get ordered with a loader. I mean this is that size that's probably gonna go out the door with a loader. Am 02:05 I right? This thing's built for a loader. So the turning radius on this thing's standard with basically all the, the loader mounts 02:11 and sub frame mounts, it's always almost nonstop with the loader or the front three point hitch, which a lot of guys use for a snowblower in the winter time. 02:20 Or they put a weight on the front, they're doing spreading fertilizer out the back Fi finch was a, a, a pioneer on that front, front, 02:26 front end, PTO shaft front end three point hitch and that's got this on here. So this is, That's right. 02:32 A lot of cattle operations could use something like this. That's exactly it. And I go back to that Swiss army knife. 02:36 Literally it can do anything and if it doesn't come with that option, you can add it on later too. 02:41 The best thing you can do is look back at all the limitations of the stuff you've operated from the time you were a kid till now and then 02:46 how the new stuff addresses that. That's what I think is kind of cool. My utility tractor is so much more practical, does 02:53 so much more than the tractor they put me on when I was nine years old. Alright, your normal diesel operation. Everything. 02:58 Everything pretty much the same. Yep. Also the greatest technology. Okay. Anything else I need to know? Get me out the door here. 03:03 Last thing here. All applications that you're doing, this thing will go 60 feet per hour all the way to 25 miles per hour with no shifting. 03:12 So you know all those manure applications that you're trying to do, clean out stalls, you wanna be able 03:16 to have safe applications. This thing with that CBT is, is incredible. From 60 feet in an hour to 25 miles per hour, those of us 03:25 that have to get a hip replacement because of clutching can really appreciate that. Trust me. All 03:30 Right. Planting trees, everything, you know, on the farm, CCBT, technology's amazing from where we used to be. 03:35 You know, when you're riding the clutch and things like that. Yeah. And now it's just a smooth operation. 03:39 Kelly Garrett, Damien Mason, Brandon Montgomery. We're coming at you from commodity class of 2024 from here at the Fent booth. 03:45 We've been asking the question, what's new and what does it do all day? And we're bringing it to you. So thanks for being here. 03:51 Till next time.

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