The Shift from Vegetative to Reproductive Plants
30 Jul 231 min 16 sec

Modern agriculture has been very good at producing big and thick vegetative plants. Kelly is focusing on producing reproductive plants. He talks about his different perspective.

00:00 A statement that was made to me today by a good friend of mine was that modern agriculture has become very good at producing very nice, 00:07 sexy looking vegetative plants. We're doing things different here, trying to break the mold and break the next yield barrier. 00:14 We're trying to produce reproductive plants. That's a different perspective. Two years ago, we had beans out here. 00:20 We thought we had well over a hundred bushel beans. The plants were big and huge and awesome, and they couldn't support themselves. And the main branches of the plants laid down on the ground. 00:30 We aborted some pods when we combined them, we felt there were still 20 bushel laying on the ground that we couldn't get in the head. We knew we had to fix the problem. 00:38 So Evans and I started the research. We worked with Galen from Agro Liquid. We started making liberate calcium, 00:44 a grower standard practice on our farm in all crops, corn, soybeans, and wheat. And the noticeable difference in our bean plants is the skeletal strength. 00:53 I am now optimistic that we're gonna raise over a hundred bushel beans in this field, 00:56 and we're gonna be able to harvest them because of the use of liberate calcium. They look a lot different than what the plants used to look like on our farm, 01:04 and I'm excited about that. Modern agriculture is good at producing vegetative plants. We need to be producing reproductive plants. Thank you.

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