The Second Joint
16 Apr 232 min 53 sec

Kevin likes what he sees in his wheat field and is debating whether or not to really put the pedal to the metal with his next application. 


00:00 So we got an extreme AG Field Report here. This is a wheat for a wheat challenge. We are now. 00:07 At nearly the second joint and when we get to the second joint, we're going to apply a product Palisade at the end of this week. And 00:16 this is a growth regulator and this is going to keep the wheat from getting so tall that it will fall. 00:22 As we we got it pretty green here really pleased with this. Might give Matt a hard time this year on the yield don't ever 00:30 know but kind of talk about it. You got to get in your field and you got to know when that second node is when you get to that second joint. 00:38 That's when we like to apply our Palisade product. And when we put that out, we will be putting some Boron out there. We will 00:47 also be putting another core to finish line from Nature's on it at that time too. Because the wheat's got tremendously good potential right 00:56 now. So we're going to push it and may put a little more nitrogen on it and sulfur I just hadn't made my mind up on that yet. One of 01:06 my Scouts this went through the field. He's wanting to do it being we're putting the Palisade in that we can really push this product. 01:12 So Kind of give you idea and you know, if you're ever wondering just were you know, you're looking at them joints. and 01:22 so, you know, you can see you can just kind of feel right? There's a joint I can squeeze and feel it. then 01:30 the next joint is she gonna be there? Probably by the end of the week as hot as we are. 01:38 The way things are growing. We had a half inch of rain just a few little about an hour ago, actually, so 01:45 She gonna do pretty good. So you just kind of run your fingers kind of tint gently squeeze. Where your thumb bam right there is the first joint. 01:56 Now I'm going to just keep going up that stem. And I can't quite feel that joint there yet, but it's really really close. It's gonna 02:05 be popping through by the end of the week and they'll get hard and it'll be a little hard spot just like that right there and that's 02:12 how you know, you're at the second joint and we did a lot of research on this Palisade project years ago. We did it the first joint second joint third joint 02:21 third joint. There's a little too late first joint could get it a little bit too short to cut with a draper head on our rolling terrain 02:27 and that second joint seem to be the best application spot for us. But again, you still need to follow the label, 02:33 but that's what works on our farm. But y'all stay safe and I hope you might have learned a little bit from this right here, but it's when you throw the 02:41 groceries to it and push that yield you also got to make it stand because if that weight goes on the ground, it ain't no fun to harvest and 02:47 we got to have a good quality product for this Milling week.

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