The Right Spacing
7 Jul 230 min 57 sec

Chad talks about a trial he is conducting on his ground to determine the right spacing for his drain tile. 

00:00 Hey y'all, this is Chad Henderson with Extreme Ag, and here we are standing in front of a tile plow again. So we come back and we, and we run a trial last year, year before last. 00:09 So we're two years in on the first set of trials and we got some good data coming in on that. But let's talk about what we're here doing today. So when we, 00:17 when we come in here to this trial, we're trialing on spacings. We're at, we're on three inch on thirties, three inch on forties, 00:24 and then four inch on forties. When you get into, we're trying to figure out what marginal field or what type of spacing we'd like to have on some of this ground here. 00:33 So that's what this trial's going to be about. It's about a 40 acre trial and it's got some good, good terrain in it, but look forward to seeing what this is going to do. 00:43 A DS crew come down and put a design on it. McCain engineering here, they gonna lay the tile for us. So we'll keep you posted and here we go.

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