The Right Action in the Right Place
19 Jul 221 min 14 sec

Chad continues his quest for 70+ double-crop soybean trials with a laundry list of foliar products that he will apply on the Nachurs trial plot.

00:00 Hey y'all, it's Chad angels with extreme egg. And today's fogular day. I've said that a couple times but 00:06 today is foli today. We've got to do four or five different plots probably to work anywhere from 20 to 40 to 60 Acres. And we 00:15 have to do this individually, you know, because it's so hard to mix with a with other stuff sometimes, you 00:21 know to get to rat action in the right spot. So we break this stuff apart and running on a single basis. So this is our V5 V6. 00:30 Spraying on soybeans is the double crop beans. These are irrigated beans. So I just won't give you a little show yellow something with me and Tommy from roads from Nature's work up. We 00:39 had a lot of jugs in the shed from this and that so here it is. Y'all this is today's photo spray. This is a each one of those marks is 00:48 a jug. So me and Tommy come up with this. It's 0019. It's balance. It's K fuse impulse Finish Line playmaker and 00:57 Kay flex. So if y'all don't like we ain't putting something to it this time. Look at the jugs there. We putting it down. So we'll see 01:06 what comes out of this and keep you posted.

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