The Results I am looking From a PGR
27 Oct 231 min 1 sec

Kevin talks about the results he is seeing from his application of this PGR from AgXplore.

00:00 Onward Max is a product that we put out with our fungicide application. Our goal using that product is we're looking for stay green in the plant and 00:08 we're looking for grain set, a really good grain set and good pollination, which is we're wanting to retain everything that's been pollinated when we apply 00:18 it. It's after pollination when we're applying this. We have applied it before with fungicide, but, so this is what we're after right here. We're looking, as you can tell, 00:29 very little dinning in the kernels. We don't wanna see no dents in there. We wanna see good, thick, 00:36 heavy kernels and we've accomplished it again. Uh, onward max is something we use across every acre. Uh, if you have any questions about the right timing on it, 00:47 how it would benefit you, if it will benefit you, um, just go to our question side on our extreme Ag member page and we'll see what we can do to help you. Y'all stay safe.

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