The Problem of Drift Control
14 Sep 2210 min 9 sec

Matt Miles and Riley Anderson meet up with Drew Ewing from Spraytec to talk about their experience with drift control and the difference they they have seen this season when using the new Fulltec adjuvant. 

00:00 Hey there, we're talking about a problem that everybody in production agriculture faces. We're talking about drift control. I'm standing 00:06 in baltics out the code at the AG PhD field day and franklers about a 15 mile-hour wind blowing right now, not ideal spraying conditions, but in production agriculture, 00:15 we've got to get out and put down. Products. All right. You've got a great story. I want to get to he's Matt miles one of the original founders of extreme AG 00:23 Riley Anderson and affiliate from Manitoba doing some cool trials for us extreme Ag and this is Drew Ewing. He is with a company called Spray Tech 00:32 a sponsor that we're doing some trials for we're standing in front of a mock spray. Boom, which this machine then 00:38 pumps air through it. He does spray your test. I want to talk about this problem. We know it exists drift. There's lawsuits overdrift I think and I'm 00:48 not the farmer here. There's three ways to prevent drift. You don't go out when it's windy. You have the 00:54 right nozzle you use a product such as your product which is a drift control agent or you do all three of those 01:03 things and sometimes you still know. What drift take me away here man. Yeah, that's exactly right. I mean what you said is right and you know, 01:09 one of the well, that's one of the major things that we have to be concerned about in our area and I know Riley is too we have 01:15 multiple crops. So we're spraying beside round. The side rise. So we're spraying, you know, a different chemical that shouldn't be on our cotton that's you 01:23 know, we're spraying beans or corn or whatever this last week 10 days ago. We had 01:29 we had some early beans we planted in February. So we had death we decade most of our beans and so 01:35 I was worried about how was I going to get this done for? You know, all four corners had different crops that are still growing most everything 01:42 still, you know young and you know at this time you right having to plan them early. So, you know, one thing we needed 01:48 to have was a drift control agent in there most drift control agents are gummy more like a Jelly Tight that you can't hardly get them through your sprayer. 01:57 If you run the rate, you're supposed not the entire purpose. It's trying to make your water droplets more like jelly, so 02:03 they're not misting away. They're dropping down, right? Yeah, but that's where spray takes took a new technology, you know 02:09 with this drift control agent and made it something that you pour into you just as easy as you can, you know chemical it's not 02:15 something in the back of your mind you're wearing about is Come up. My sprayer is this gonna you know be you 02:20 know, not good for the chemicals or whatever the full tech product not only does that but it's also a deformer. 02:28 It's got some water conditioner in it drift agent in it. It sticks, you know helps the product stick, right we needed to 02:34 run about 15 gallons of water wind was blowing seven to nine miles an hour straight towards my soybeans that are not nearby 02:40 ready to to get any kind of air quite home and also towards the neighbor which I call him before. I don't know. So this is what I'm going to do, you know, you told fingers crossed 02:49 you told me before we hit record. It was really only seven mile an hour wind blowing which in places like this would be a basically a 02:55 still day. Yeah. It was under label, you know, we spray up to 10 mile an hour winds, but still when you're spraying a product 03:01 like a box on parquet, yeah. They'll drifting almost any wind so and especially if you if you're beside a neighbor's crop that's crucial and 03:09 we went out there and sprayed it. I come back four days later drove down. My neighbor's town row drove down. My turn row. I couldn't find one Speck of gramoxone damage 03:18 anywhere on those feet. All right. So answer me this Drew, he's out there. He's trying to kill soybeans. He's actively trying to kill live soybeans. It's desiccation. And then 03:27 right next to it is the neighbors rice or the neighbors we are and I wouldn't be wheat and you know neighbors corn crop whatever if he 03:34 goes out there and I know you sell this stuff. This is your business you were for spray take what if he doesn't put this in there. Is he gonna 03:40 still be? Okay if the wind is absolutely zero mile an hour necessarily, I mean, so what the full second is 03:47 doing is is helping his fines. So he's fine. He's fine. He's drift. So we're gonna make it a medium type, of course 03:56 droplet not and we do that based on nozzle selection. And with the full Tech edge of it is gonna help great help. 04:04 Okay, so and there's no sense in doing damage to the neighbor's crop. I mean, I'm sure Matt you don't want it. No, not at all. Just somebody knows I'm doing it. Yeah, not 04:13 rightly. You're up there in Canada and contrary to what everybody thinks you you don't farm with sled dogs. Not all the time. Not only part of the time. Yeah, 04:22 you told me when we recorded a kind of sort of cutting the curb podcast you yourself grow like six or eight different come out of these and down the road. It might be another couple. 04:31 Yeah can't believe canola oats we flax. This corn soy I named seven right there. Hey, I grow only a few of those. Okay, what about the stuff 04:41 down the road? So yeah, what we we want to grow some sunflowers in the future edible beans in the future dry beans. And yeah, the there's probably 04:50 eight or twelve crops within two three miles of our field. So if you ever had a problem where you killed off a neighbors or you damaged a neighbor's crop, yeah and 04:59 in our area it's there's always a little bit of drift every year and Canadians are known to be much nicer than Americans. They just said, oh it's okay you guys like 05:08 watch the hockey game they say we'll get you next year. So anyway, was there a lawsuit or at least 05:14 a financial settlement? Yes. Okay. So what do you think about when you think about drift control and Manitoba? It's same anywhere. What are you doing to prevent it? So we we use 05:23 a multiple tuitive products. And one thing I like about this full Tech products one job, you know, we normally mix three four five different things in for drift 05:32 and for finds and different things like that you dump in one jug easy use deformer surfactants. Yeah drift control. There's 05:41 one other thing water phase. There you go to water. Yeah, what about and we're not gonna do a novel thing here but on 05:47 Display behind us here Drew. We got five different nozzles, depending on what we're trying to accomplish, etc. Etc. Does 05:56 this product go through every nozzle the same every type of nozzle the same. All right, and and 06:02 you know, you talked about the full-tech being a drip date a deformer spreader sticker Damien. It's more than really correct in the pH 06:12 the water helping a guy correct the pH the water that's huge super low youth rate only talking to ounces breaker 06:18 three ounces the guys using something like Boston's name where there's 20 gallons of water per acre, right? That's where a deep boomeran agent comes in. Great. Okay guys using 06:27 something like lupus they Liberty that can be super foamy, right 30% of his active ingredients can be lost in that 06:33 phone. Yeah 30% of it again, you're spending a lot of money then to be blown around and foam. There's not doing your crop any good blown in the air Pantry this okay. 06:42 This is full tank and if you're watching this, we're talking about two different drugs if you happen to be listening to it we're talking. 06:47 Different drugs I'm color blind, but looks to me like one of them is a green or a brown the other one might be a blue full tech 06:54 one is called Full Tech tube. What what's different about this than the other? Okay. This is our base action full tank is base management. It's the 07:00 four things already talked about water conditioners are factin drift controlled and foaming agent next correct. So and 07:06 the full Tech cube is a key lighted micro nutrients products, very low use rate. We're talking four ounces breaker. So is everything that was in 07:15 the full tank those fourth the correct benefits and then also it's got a foliar fertility kids with the amino 07:21 acids. Okay, we use 11 and we like to use phosphites. Okay, and then it's excellent for not only Disease Control, 07:30 but nutrition. I think I know the answer is I want to go to my friend Matt. When we talk about drift control, we're better 07:38 at now. We were just five years ago. Oh, yeah, I think we are and as we've had to with all these different crops and all these different Technologies now, you know, 07:46 you'll have three different technology and a soybean and and you know, it's our responsibility to keep it off the neighbor, right? 07:52 So if he wants to plant, you know, E3 beans beside my die camera beans it's my responsibility to keep my dicam off. He sure so the difference now between five or 08:01 ten years ago is products like this are the nozzles better. Yeah, the novels are better. The wind doesn't change. You're still trying to stay out there when it's exactly increased. It's 08:10 getting worse. Yeah worse. Rightly. What's different than yours your your little younger but you're are seeing is when you were 08:16 a kid you're out there and you said boy, we're gonna just when it's not windy. Well, sometimes that doesn't work what now? Yeah, we we we're big fans 08:25 of age events for that reason. We we use well back in the day. We had five to seven spree days that were ideal last year. 08:34 We had two spray days where that was considered ideal. You couldn't do your whole farm and just do ideas not even. 08:40 Close. All right, I think we've covered the drift control thing. Is there anything on the way out the door here between Drew and Matt you want to cover with this? I mean you sold me 08:49 on it. I think this is the way to go. What else do I need to know about drift control from your perspective just as far as keeping the neighbors happy 08:58 making sure that you're using your chemicals and chemicals Kels are expensive right now guys. So why are you wanting to float things over to the neighbors 09:07 field or right miles down the road speaking of expensive money. How much am I spending here? Oh shoot. 09:13 You better tell me that it's yeah, two three three cents. Yeah a little less than three dollars an acre. Yeah. Okay, so three bucks or less an acre and it's 09:22 got the benefits. We already talked about those four things and you can say all right three bucks an acre. What am 09:28 I getting out of that while you're keeping from getting a lawsuit is three bucks that you're worth it. Definitely. Okay, definitely gives you a little more breath a 09:34 little more ability. His name is Matt miles. His name is Drew Ewing with spray Tech. His name is Riley. Person our Canadian affiliate here at extreme AG 09:43 if we have listeners who want to learn more about this Drew where they go, they can go to reach out 09:50 to any of our dealers and retailers across the country got it until next time. You know, what tuna for more great stuff. We're doing it right here. We'll give you loads of information insights today. 09:59 It's from AG phd's field day of baltics South Dakota until next time check out everything extreme agnot Farm.

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