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After playing at home last season, Temple is excited to be in the 2023 Wheat Wager with the XtremeAg guys. He's got his sights set on taking down one of the XtremeAg guys in particular, and he's got a good reason. In addition to the trash talk, he also talks in depth about his wheat growing program. 

00:00 Hey guys, temples of extreme AG here. We're here with the wheat wager this year. A lot of people last year. Wanted to make fun. I was helping out a couple of other guys. They wanted to 00:09 talk about Temple juice and all kinds of Crap like that, you know they want to trash talk. 00:16 Well, we're gonna put the money where I'm at this year. I got one guy that I really want to be. I'm one of really 00:22 be Chad Henderson. The reason I want to be Chad is because see this right here. 00:27 Cmf this is going on as race car. I beat him. There's initials are going somewhere a sticker of some sort. It's gonna be on this car 00:36 you can bet that. That's who I'm coming for the rest of the guys always making excuse. You know, you got Kevin. Oh, there's a Easter freeze. You 00:44 know, you got Kelly he's out there taking videos this year. It looked like he was in some guys being feel next door. I don't I don't even know if he knew where he was 00:54 but he's also a guy that's gonna probably turn 500 head of cattle out on his own as wheat ground and then produce 90 bushel and he 01:03 of course, he's gonna beat us in the ROI because there's gonna sell beef all for that same acreage. 01:09 And then he sells it a GLC beef. So yeah, he's gonna be this on our eye. I'm sure. But he can still produce 90 boy. So after doing that he'll have 01:18 some kind of means to an end. He's always got something up his sleeve leaves under 18 foot of snow. He's can't even find his wheat. 01:27 It's it's drifts everywhere out there Matt. It's too wet down there. He couldn't get his crop in it's always an excuse with these guys. So I'm 01:36 not gonna have any excuses. I did a little rude dig a minute ago. I'm gonna tell you about a couple of the products that we used out here been doing 01:45 it for years. We've after the wheat Sprouts after it gets up. We put pre-axle on we're trying to basically alleviate the 01:54 problem of A disease coming in later. So you took this, you know, you left all this corn stove right here or we're being Stover and you had some type of disease in 02:05 it. We leave it all winter long and we think that it's okay and it's not what we're finding out is is going from 02:11 that one crop to the next that pathogen needs a host. Well that host as soon as you knock all your cornst over down the new host is going 02:20 to be your wheat. So pre-axore seems to be a solving that we've seen big bonuses with that. I'm told to guys about that. That's one of the things that a lot of the guys are using. We're 02:29 putting it in Trials this year. Another thing is is we always use radiate or make a girl as soon as he comes up same thing in that 02:38 same application spray. We put it on there. We're gonna stimulate our root growth. We're gonna try to get through the winter and better than 02:44 what we normally do. That's one of the things that we do we put on a little bit of fertilizer. We use AG explorers 02:50 grow pack SB important thing to know is just like if you want to use that was a seed treatment but one of the things I want 02:59 to tell you about is A lot of things that we do a lot of people can't find micronutrients really work for them sometimes. 03:07 You need to find a micronutrients with all these companies out there. There's a lot of different companies out there but find a micronutrient that works 03:13 very well in your soil type. Your soils are inherently low in something or our souls are inherently low in a bunch of different things. So I'll 03:22 fine-tune to try to find those micronutrients that we can apply on the ground on the seed like the group pack SP and then when we 03:31 come back and that spray that had pre-axle on and make a grow and radiate on that right there. We'll put a bunch of other stuff that we'll 03:40 put we'll put a residue Back on residue eaters but something like red on Recycle. We put that on we're trying to break down 03:50 that Stover to get it back into our new crop. We're not trying to lose it. We want to capture every bit that we can we put on charge from AG explorers or 03:59 reason that we use chores mag Explorer is it's a little bit of humic in it. There's phosphorus in that blend. When that when that plant spiked if we can get a little bit of energy in that 04:08 plant we can we can create more full tillers fall tillers on WE is 75% of your 04:14 yield potential on the next year one of them. That's very important. So we're trying to get as many of those Killers going as we can. So that's some 04:23 of the stuff that we put in there. There's a few more things out there that and I'll let you know as we go along. We got a lot to come come before 04:30 you chat tired of all the other fuses. I will say this She had never made one excuse on his crop and his crop looks pretty tough. But I'm still coming 04:41 for you. Can't wait to see this on your race car. Stay tuned guys. We'll be back to you soon.

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