The New Fendt Rogator Sprayer Promises Control
16 Aug 224 min 32 sec

The first Fendt badged Rogator Sprayer in North America, the 900 series is built around enhanced control for farmers.  Damian talks with Fendt Rogator brand manager, Dave Fickel, about some of the unique features on this new sprayer.

00:00 Hey extreme AG coming at you from Madison, Alabama on Henderson Farms trying out and trialing the new Fint road 00:06 gator sprayer. This is the first Fint badged sprayer in North America and part of the AGCO lineup. I've got agco's fence 00:15 rogator marketing manager Dave fickle here and he's really excited about some of the benefits of this machine which really bolt down to adjustability. And the 00:24 Machine has this ability to really do some things that machines before haven't been able to do in the spraying compartment. And so I'm kind of excited about this and once 00:33 you tell us about some of those features that you think are going to be game changers for sprayers that you're bringing the market. 00:39 Yeah, thanks so much Damian. So we talked a lot of Growers like Chad and even AG retailers all over the industry. And the biggest thing we're finding 00:45 is is the control Factor people want to have that control with their machines. They want their timing. Right? Right. So we put 00:51 all this this time and energy into into growing the crop and raising it. We need to make sure that our timings right we need to make sure that our Workforce 00:57 is kept safe. They want to have control over a lot of different. Actors, okay. So this machine I think 01:02 identifies a lot of those things biggest factor is probably the adjustability of this machine. We can raise it or lower it on the Fly 20 30 seconds. We're up. We can 01:11 go into tasseled corn like we have behind us here. We can drop that machine back down. We can flush out the product and we can maybe go 01:17 do a short crop or a bean. Let's say yeah. So have a machine for for different applications Dave you show me. Yeah adjustability. Meaning that this machine fits. It's a it's a Swiss army knife. 01:26 It's got a lot of gadgets right? It's got a lot of ability to move and adjust as the farmers needs are geographically crops type 01:32 and also crop height for instance this machine the three big ones you talked about are this machine right now is taller than me. Okay, and I'm a taller guy and you 01:41 say it'll come down 16 inches to about this height. Correct? Yes. So like we said control you want to be able to run in 01:47 the crop that you have in front of you, you know, if it's that if it's a pre-plant maybe it's a post-emerge. We don't need to have it all 01:53 the way up. But when we get out into that taller crop, we merely hit the button raise that machine no questions that other sprayers you 01:59 should be able to move. Right, but it took a kit it took some it took some some doctoring up. This is a push a button, correct. So 02:05 there was yeah there was kits in the past but the a lot of the limitations there is your fixed height, right and that's that's gonna be tough on the 02:11 road when you're traveling you need to bring that machine back down Dave. You have a thing called Liquid Logic. What's Liquid Logic mean? Yes. So on 02:17 the front row Gator like previous rogator C Series, we also we previously had we're gonna have our Liquid Logic system as standard 02:23 on all fat row Gators. What's that mean to me? If I'm the farmer? Yes. So what we can do is is product recovery is 02:29 huge. Right? We have 30 40 gallons in this boom. We don't want to waste that from an efficacy sample. I think it's important. It's all about there's 30 or 40 gallons 02:35 of product in that boom because it's 120 feet long. It's got inch and a half pipe. That's a lot of gallons, correct? Okay. So 02:41 what's your what's the Liquid Logic do to make it so I'm not wasting that or worse yet environmentally getting into a headache because I don't that yes 02:47 so we can we can prime the boom a lot faster we can and that allows us to be able to recapture it right so we can we can force air in from both ends. Bring all that product back and not you know, 02:56 spray it in the back corner. We can take that we can offload it into a tote we can 02:59 Take it back to tank and maybe use it later in the day right sets them some agitation up and just allows us to control that application and 03:06 not force us into losing proc and actually dry out the boom and vacate it of all liquid and put the tank and then drain it out of this which comes down you've got adjustability is the 03:15 big excitement buzzword for the new rogator fent rogator. Is there anything else on this thing that you're excited about in terms of its adjustability and why it's kind 03:24 of a new thing for the market that really thinks gonna catch on. Yeah, like we talked about, you know, the adjustable clearance on the machine the Liquid Logic 03:30 system. Probably the other big difference for us is the fact that we have the new fence 700 cab on this machine so that 03:36 again goes back to control we can control our environment. This is a rear mounted high clearance sprayer, right adjustable 03:42 clearance spray. We did that for a reason right so we have the product behind us. So not only do we keep our operating environment cleaner. 03:48 We keep the machine cleaner right that helps with resale. And so when Chad Anderson gets out and walks around he's not Walking Through Chemistry. 03:54 That's that's exactly right. You're not you're not covered in chemical is you're as you're walking around. What's also nice is it? 03:59 Allows us to you know change systems right? Maybe you need to do a dry application partway through the season. You can combo this machine and swap Systems off as you need 04:08 arises. So again, we think about the the cab the environment having the product behind us the filtration levels that we're offering at standard equipment that all comes 04:17 back to control in the new fence rogator. Got it. Thanks a lot Dave. I think the viewer in The Listener should really be braced them 04:23 for some pretty cool stuff as we start digging into the new fence rogator with extreme AG Zone Chad Henderson.

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