Kelly is Increasing Efficiency Through Automation
19 Apr 242m 32s

Check out this new automated system that Kelly Garrett is using on his farm. The system is designed to automatically extract precise quantities of products by weight, mixing them with water and other additives in a batch tank for application.

00:00 We're here in the new integrated egg facility. We are out spraying wheat today with a micro pack, exclusion, backbone, nitrogen's going on. 00:07 And this was exciting for us because is it's the first load out of our new facility and Wind Grove is gonna explain to us how this all works. 00:14 We've got scales, we've got hoses. This all looks very complex. Yeah. So we put in a ca system in our new facility here. 00:21 Um, obviously you can tell we got a lot of pumps, a lot of hoses going everywhere. Very organized though. 00:26 And the up here behind, we have three declining scale totes. It goes right into the system. 00:31 So when we put the order in on the computer below us here, it'll pull that out by the pound 00:35 and it automatically goes into the system with the water that's running through. And then we mix it into our batch tank here 00:43 with all the other products that we had to hand add. And then we agitated that and that was ready to go. Um, a lot of moving parts in this system, 00:50 so it's gonna take a little time, but I think we're getting it figured out pretty well. We've ran it single products, 00:56 but this, like you said, this is our first complete batch max out of the system. So a system like this obviously isn't inexpensive. 01:04 It, uh, it does cost some money, but in, in today's world, one of the hardest things to find is labor. 01:09 This eliminates the need for a person. Everything is up here. You type the order in the computer, you walk away, 01:15 it takes everything out of each tote automatically, what it needs. It's accurate, it's thorough, it's mixed well. 01:20 It takes the human error out of the equation provided we typed the computer correctly. But it, you know, it, it eliminates some of the human error. 01:27 And, and so again, at a glimpse or first observation, this is expensive, but when you think about labor 01:32 and even if you have the ability to find labor, that's also not inexpensive. So the system like this for what we're trying to do 01:38 with integrated ag and Garrett land and cattle, this to me is very much worth the money. And I, I think we'll have some product savings. 01:44 I think things will be mixed more accurately. I really applaud what you guys did here. Yeah. Um, like you said, the labor part was a big factor for us. 01:52 You know, last year we had to spend three, four hours a day just mixing different blends. Um, especially with the different amount of products, 01:58 you know, 5, 6, 7, 8 products. Uh, if we type the order in correctly, it'll work. Um, if it, if we do type in the wrong product, 02:05 it'll read the pounds per gallon and then that's gonna shut it off because it's gonna say that that's the wrong product. 02:11 So we can have a little backup to catch an air there. The system even has enough intelligence to know if it's the wrong product 02:17 because it weighs the product. Right. Pounds per gallon. Yes. Very impressive system at integrated Ag. 02:22 Come and check it out.

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