The Irrigation Effect
26 May 232 min 32 sec

Seems like it is pretty common knowledge that when the corn starts rolling, it is time to turn on the irrigation.  But, what if you can produce nearly the same yields with half the water use? Matt is fixin' to find out this season in this test he is running in his irrigated corn.

00:00 So guys, last year, you know, we had a little bit of disagreement. Me and Rob did on, on whether we needed a water, corn or not. Water, 00:06 corn as far as an early, as far as early, and then far as late too. We tried to do a test last year, um, ended up a rain, kind of messed it up. 00:16 We never got the results for it. So I'm gonna start out again this year. You look at this corn, you can see a little bit of twist. 00:23 We could be two, three days early on on the irrigation on it. But we're gonna go ahead and set this irrigation up. 00:30 What I'm doing here is I'm gonna do, I'm gonna leave out 48 rows of this field. So 40, I'm gonna punch this field and start the irrigation on it. 00:38 I'm going to not punch 48 rows. We got a 12 row corn header. That'll be two rounds. Have a check on both sides. 00:45 So I'm not gonna punch 48 rows. I'm gonna water through it this time next week when I come back, if we don't get a rain, we water again. 00:53 I'm gonna punch those 48 rows and every other watering, I'm gonna plug those 48 rows so it will legitimately have half of the half of the irrigation water that the rest of the field will have. 01:05 Now it's only a three acre field. Uh, it's a pretty droughty field, so this would be probably one of the most aggravating situations you could have 01:12 as far as needing water more than, you know, if you've got really deep topsoil. Uh, some of my fields don't stress as fast as this one does, 01:20 so I think this'll be the best place to do it. So I had several questions last year. How did irrigation, uh, test turn out? It kind of went south on me, so I'm gonna try it again this year. 01:30 Hopefully we get enough rain that this one don't work either. More rain, we get less. We gotta pump the, uh, 01:37 the less money we have to spend out of our pocket. So I'm kind of hoping and praying that this don't work out again, but I've got a gut feeling that it will, uh, we'll actually do it, like I said, 01:46 through the whole year. So literally this 48 rows are gonna get half the waters, the rest of the corn. You know, water is something that we have to protect and, 01:55 you know, sometimes we think we're watering too much. Sometimes we think we're not watering enough. This won't be a catchall for all situations, 02:02 but it will give us an idea if the corn plant will sustain half the yield, not develop alpha toxin and, uh, and, and still make a good yield. So, 02:12 stay tuned. We'll have some more videos on this where we can show the progression. It, it's right on the highway, 02:18 so people are going to think that we really screwed up these 48 rows cause they're gonna see it twist a lot. But we're gonna figure out, uh, 02:24 which way's best. Y'all stay tuned.

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