Wondering if Pre-emerge is worth it?
24 May 241m 9s

Matt discusses the impact of pre-emergent herbicides on weed control in a cotton field. Initially, he applied the pre-emergent herbicide but was interrupted by rain, delaying the application for six days. This delay led to a noticeable difference in weed control, with areas treated before planting remaining clean, while untreated areas showed significant weed growth.

00:00 I'm standing in a cotton field. If you look over my shoulder, we got to right here with the prem merge and then it rained us out 00:06 and then we had to come back and put it out after, you know, say six days later. Well, the cotton was coming up 00:12 and we just felt like that it would be a little bit dangerous to try to put a heavy prem merge on the cotton. So that's what it looks like. You can 00:19 See this is no pre-emerge. Cotton was starting to come up, decided just to spray it later and later has gotten really later. 00:27 This has pre-emerge on it here. So this was done prior to planting or at planting, and this has never been done. 00:33 You think you don't have a seed bank and something like this? Uh, you know, we keep our fields pretty clean, 00:39 so you think you, you don't have a seed seed bank of weeds. And then something like this will definitely show you the 00:43 Difference. You wanna know if pre-emerge is work or not. We've had a really, really wet year, so this is 00:48 what you get into, you know, there was 80 acres of this field. We, I told Lane, I said, just don't worry about it. 00:53 We'll, we'll take care of it with Dicamba and Roundup. And that shows you the difference. These pigweeds are gonna be tough to kill. 00:59 So if you're thinking about whether or not to run prem merges and you get in a wet year, definitely a hundred percent, 01:04 it makes a difference.

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