The Fuel Efficiency of This CLAAS Combine Surprised Kevin
25 Oct 230 min 44 sec

Kevin can't believe what he is seeing when it comes to the fuel efficiency of this


 Lexion Combine. This is one of the reasons he bought it and added it to his fleet.

00:00 Filling the clouds. 8,700 up with fuel today. Pretty interesting. This machine's burning 9.3 gallons an hour. 00:08 My six 90 I was running with the same corn head, pretty much same conditions. I was burning, uh, 19 to 20 gallons an hour. 00:16 So that's 10 gallons an hour, $3 35 cents fuel. That's, uh, over $335 on a 10 hour day savings. Um, 00:28 had no clue this thing was gonna be that efficient on fuel. Pretty interesting. Klaus 8,700 demoing this thing. We, we going to buy it and put it in our fleet. 00:38 Y'all have a good one.

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