2 Nov 221 min 53 sec

Stress mitigation has been the name of the game this season for Lee Lubbers as he navigated his crop through one of the driest years he has ever seen in his farming career. A perfect environment for trialing products like


 Terramar that promise to enhance stress mitigation. Lee gets a preliminary look at the results of his first trial on some of his toughest acres.

00:02 It's got done way in. One of our Terror March X. This is on a quarter. The traditionally is probably in our bottom one third when 00:10 it comes to yield but we don't want to test on the best of the best and cherry pick. I don't think that's fair. I know there's 00:19 people that would. Look at soil types like this and be happy to have them so got done and wait on each end. 00:28 And it ended up being showing that the terramar is 7% better. Then the untreated and in this field, we 00:37 got spots that are running 80 bushel and a lot of spots from in 12140. And I know that's not like 00:46 a stellar yield but this is our 2012 event and I've been here in a lot of talk in our neck of the woods of 1580 Bushel 00:55 And even worse and a fair amount probably been chopped for silage month and a half ago. So this is winter winter chicken 01:04 dinner in our yield environment this year to get a piece of ground to do this and then to see a 7% increase if we take Dad times 120 01:13 bushel that's gonna be about 60 bucks an acre to our pocket. I'll take that all day long and our other trial is 01:22 in a higher yield environment so types so that will be I think better results kind of looking forward to that. I walked into it this morning 01:31 it you can see a noticeable difference in my opinion. So stay tuned. We'll have more trials coming on the terramar that like what 01:40 we're seeing in this first trial 7% That's pretty big. I'm Leigh lubbers the extreme egg. Let's do it.

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