23 Jul 232 min 42 sec

Temple looks at the branching in this soybean trial he is conducting this season.

00:00 So here we are guys, um, doing a new trial for Stoler. So haven't seen them for a long time with their back. Um, it got a little bit hard for us to get this product up here years ago. Um, 00:12 so we kind of went away from 'em. I found some other things, but Stoler was the company that actually I'm gonna give a lot of credit to. 00:18 They're the first ones that got me over that a hundred bushel hump. And I was floating around in the eighties and nineties and couldn't get a high 00:26 yield. Well, we started messing with the Stoler and we, they were the first ones to get me over that hump, which was, it was pretty awesome. You know, we've grown since then. Um, 00:35 pretty excited to have 'em back. Bio, bio-Forge Advanced is one of their products. I'm kind of really excited about it cuz it was a, 00:43 it played a key role in where I was years ago. So the, the advanced part of it's Old Bio-Forge still the same, it's great. Um, just added Molly and Co Cobalt to it. Cobalt adds more, you know, 00:56 vigorous plant, more of growth. That's what it does. Kind of stimulates the plant for that. And then Molly creates that super highway where you can get stuff up and down 01:05 that plant. You know, you can't race Chad Henderson's car on a back road, but you sure as hell can if you're going down a drag strip. Well, 01:12 Molly kind of sets up that drag strip for a soybean plant. So that's the stuff that's in Bio Forage Advanced. Um, 01:18 then the other product is Excite. Excite actually is just a pgr and it's not through a blend of different ones. Like a lot of 'em are. This is just one. 01:27 And what this one does is it just aids to branching. So it, it extends cell walls, it ex extend, it adds to the branching, 01:36 it elongates all those things. So, pretty excited about that. And let me show you the difference. 01:42 So this one here is the one that has had the excite and the bio forage advanced on this one Here is just my grower standard practice. 01:52 You know, I got some branching here, but it's not super great. Um, this one here is actually a long ways ahead of the other one. You know, 01:59 we're still in the R one, you know, R two coming pretty, pretty quickly. But I'm pretty impressed with what I'm seeing here. 02:08 We got a fair amount of branching on these little plants. Like I'm, this is, this is nothing special in this field. Like, 02:15 I know I didn't do a good job ripping 'em out. I just snatched 'em outta the ground. Sorry guys from Stoler. I didn't do anything special in this field. This is regular production. 02:23 This is nothing fancy. This is just a, I put, you know, nutri charge in furrow. I put a little small micro pack in furrow. Just my grower standard practice for dry land. 02:34 I'm not out here trying to shoot the moon. Not at all.

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