The Fendt Momentum Planter Bet| The Results
2 Nov 231 min 54 sec

In May, Kelly had the chance to trial the Fendt Momentum Planter on his western Iowa hills. He also took a bet that the Fendt would not beat his custom John Deere planter.  Well, the results are in. Did he win?

00:09 Hi, this is Kelly Gart from Extreme Ag and pretty much everybody knows that I like to gamble and a bet's a bet, and unfortunately, when I lose a bet, 00:17 it's time to pay up. So, Arthur, here are the results. Evans has got 'em printed off our customized planner versus your Fent momentum planner, and you won by seven bushels. Just like you said, you would, 00:31 you guaranteed that you'd win by at least five. Well, like I said, you won by seven After being around that planter and knowing how much I 00:39 believe in the row by row hydraulic downforce that we have on all our planters, and you explaining the capabilities of the momentum planter, 00:47 which really expand upon the hydraulic downforce, I kind of, I kind of thought this spring when we were looking at it and you were explaining 00:54 it, I, I really thought that maybe you were onto something. I was skeptical at first. 00:58 I didn't think that it would make that much difference. But then after we went through it, we made the videos. I saw it operate in the field. I really believe that the rougher, 01:05 the terrain you're in, the more difference it's gonna make. The hydraulic downforce technology that fent has taken off of the row by row 01:12 that we have on our planters and expanded it to be on the secondary toolbar and the wing compensation is the difference that this planner makes. 01:20 In my opinion. It is constantly adjusting, going throughout the field, up over top of hills, down through sways, through a ditch, 01:28 and that's where the seven bushel comes into play after watching it operate. I was fairly certain that I was gonna lose. It was just by how much? Well, 01:35 like I said, it's seven bushel. A very impressive planter, very impressive technology. 01:40 I'd love to operate it again to see what it can do and, uh, expand my experiences with it. So, Arthur, here's your German beer. 01:47 Next time you're in Iowa, stop by and we'll share it.

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