The Easiest Way To Grease A Combine: Automatically
8 Dec 232 min 32 sec

Chad admits that at first he underestimated the convenience of this feature on his Claas Lexion 8600 combine. Now he is not sure he can live without it.

00:00 So, hey y'all, this is Chet Henderson with Extreme Ag and we talked about this Old Claw back here. So, you know, that was a new adventure for us this year. 00:08 And um, you'll see mold deer machine back there behind it. We still got two or three of those, 00:13 but this thing has been a go-getter for sure. We're gonna talk this morning about one of the things that I really enjoyed this year on it. 00:20 I didn't know how well I'd like it because I'm kind of the guy who's, you know, look at my hands, I'm gonna be the touch guy. 00:25 We're going to grease, we're going to lube, it's gonna be all over. It's gonna be in the back of my hat. 00:29 You know, so, but this thing has a self greasing on it. I was like, what self greasing? I said, we're gonna need to talk about that. 00:38 So what it does is that you got different settings in there. Like, everybody knew this, 00:42 but Chad, you know, Chad didn't know this. Everybody's had these machines, you know, like, oh yeah, they've had that for years. 00:46 No doubt Chad didn't know it. So anyway, we had this thing on self grease or it used, we cut probably, 00:54 I know we cut 2300 acres of corn with it. And then we cut somewhere around, I don't know, probably a thousand acres with other machines. 01:01 I probably cut a thousand acres of soybeans, maybe something like that with, anyway, we used a little overhead of that tube 01:10 of grease with a current setting. Wrong ride, I don't know. But when I walk around the machine and look at it 01:16 and look at the grease points, look at the bearings, look at where things are looped at, it's never been dry. 01:22 I mean, it looks like it's a, a sufficient amount of grease. And again, it has multiple settings on 01:27 how often do you want it to grease or how less often do you want it to grease? So the normal setting is where I'm running it at. 01:32 Like I said, it's my first year with this thing, but, uh, I really have enjoyed that feature. I get there in the morning, we fuel, we blow, 01:40 we blow the machine and then, you know, we walk around it, we, you know, there's a few grease points on it. 01:46 I found one on the ladder that was a joke, but there is one on the ladder. So anyway, there's multiple grease points on it. 01:53 Still, I don't know, four or five maybe. You know that with grease they're anywhere from 200 to 500 hour fitting. 02:02 So it hasn't been real bad, you know, at all. Not compared to regular machine. We have really enjoyed the greasing system. 02:09 You know, we've really enjoyed it, you know, on things and we, you know, normally every other day maintenance that we have to do, you know, we're not able to do, 02:17 we're not, we don't have to do, but yet we can still walk around it. By the time we get it blowed, 02:20 we can still give it a good look over. So just another feature that we've come to enjoy from this cost, 8,600.

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