The Duck Hole
7 May 231 min 42 sec

Chad is in his duck hole. Normally it would still be filled with water this time of year.  Chad talks about how he is using the


 tile system to take water off without drying it out completely. 

00:00 Hey y'all, this Chad Henderson with extreme egg. And here we are again. We're in this tile field. We're actually in this duck hole and 00:06 you'll see it's a little heavy right here, but we just got um, I'd say inch and a half of rain last week. You know, 00:12 it's been wet. It's drying out nice. If you seem a video early, you've seen the corn stubble. It was a duck pond if you will. It's about 40 something Acres of a 00:21 duck pond, but it still needs to be controlled to dry out and to put another crop back on even to make corn or 00:27 beans to feed the Ducks. But in that regard too, I need to make enough to work through the side of the farm. You know, it's a double-edged 00:36 sword. Well, you can say the corn on the ground here where this was the same cap ground same thing, but we didn't work this up and 00:42 that's all because of this tile project that we put in we tired all the way up through this vein and yet it's a little heavy right here. But 00:48 again, this is the other head water standing. We don't work this up, but this is part of that the own growing deal of ads how I can't 00:58 wait to see you know, how it's going to do. This is a second year in with it. We tiled this again, we run one year of corn on it and then we're 01:06 gonna come back. So this will be the first year. We'll have beans out here. So be good trial for that. 01:12 But just continuing to show you what it looks like here. We are still drying out the ground 01:18 but it's not drying out too much. We're trying King off the excess. So again, it's just like we talked about it's just 01:24 the excess water that we don't need. The holding capacity is what it is and when you pull the excess away, 01:30 it allows the organisms. It allows the biology allows everything to to really take off again. We'll keep you posted on a tire results. Keep it coming.

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