The Drain Tile Difference
9 Feb 233 min 55 sec

After a few weeks of consistent rain, Chad gets into his wheat field to take a look at the pretty stark difference he sees between the areas with


Drain Tile and those without tile. 

00:00 Hey y'all, this Chad Henderson with extreme Ag and way out here looking a little weak. Today. We're looking at the trial field 00:06 for ads for the tile and usually we don't have any weed at all right here, but I'll show you what we got and it's all because we 00:15 got a lift station that has been ain't nothing but pumping and getting it and slinging and stowing down. 00:21 Yeah, we got a little station's been running real hard. We've had a lot of rain is February the fourth. So most time we we've never 00:27 made any week right here and you can see we've got a little bit of water here and a little bit here from standing which we've had rain this the first 00:36 pretty day. We've had this week we've had rain about all week and I just want to let you know how good the week looks where we've 00:42 got this child here. And as you can see in the background the lift station is running at the moment, you know, you can see it running there now, 00:49 And we have a little bit of ponding. But we've never had any weed to grow in this area. We'd have about four or five acres here. That would just yell a plum 00:58 out and I'll show you some more of that here. Here in here a little later when we when we look at something that we do not have tile. So we have a spot here and it's 01:06 gonna make it. But you know, we've got a spot here that has a little bit of water in it, but Man compared to what we should have here. This 01:13 is a tremendous Advantage. So you heard me talk about some of these spots. We've got that we've tiled that, you know, everybody's traditionally tiled in their traditionally 01:22 wet. You're not gonna Plant weed on them. If you plant corn on them, it's gonna be a month behind when you regularly plant 01:28 corn. What I'm walking across now is one of those spots did we completely cure this spot? No not 01:34 for wheat not for wheat, we didn't we have a spot there a little spot there and a spot there again. We've had a lot of rain this week and a 01:43 lot of this I could probably fix myself by cleaning this ditch out and getting some more this surface water off. So we're not gonna put that all on it. But the point 01:52 here is is all this week. We see here. We've got a spot there the size of a pickup truck and another spot and if you know if that's 02:01 how we lose in this area where this whole thing would have been like that. We are so much better. So I'm going to walk here and show you exactly where 02:10 the tile stops at and show you what the whole thing should look like and then we'll have a better understanding so about where I'm walking right now is where 02:19 we'll have a line that comes off for irrigation and we had a power line going across under the field here that supplies the power 02:28 to the pivot. And we went real sure where it was. So we just stopped tiling. When we stopped the tiling it was right here about where I'm 02:37 at. Okay, it's where we stopped it. So let's look at what we've got here. All of this, you can see the wheat changing colors. 02:46 The weeds got the purple. Look it's just water logs. So that about halfway between me and my Jeep there's where the house is tile 02:54 stops. It's all Waterloo. See how the weight changing this whole area that brown this whole area right here where I'm standing is where 03:09 the towel stops. You see that power pole over there? goes to the pivot, but you can see how we stopped it and then the power source goes the pivot so it's actually 03:23 right here in this area. Where we stop the tile? So right here we can see all this area this brown waterlogged. 03:34 And then we get here. And we look back this way. And yeah, we got some water in the ditch. Yo got a little hole over but it's nothing like 03:42 what this is what this area would have been from where my Jeep come across to this ditch. This area here would all been that way.

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