25 Apr 231 min 15 sec

The corn in his AgroLiquid plot is out of the ground. Is he happy with what he sees?  Come see for yourself at his Field Day on May 11th. Click the banner to register

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00:00 Hey y'all, it's Chad Henderson with extreme Ag. And here we are the corn is coming. So this is our agri-liquid plot. 00:06 We got this put in thirsty a week ago. So it would be about nine days old this morning. So the corns coming up pretty good. 00:15 We had a planted some dry ground. So we have a little spot or two, you know that I'm gonna pick it apart. But other than that, it's gonna be okay and we're looking at emergence now. 00:24 We're getting a look to see if one maybe shining over the other one. We'll start digging here when it dries up a little bit. We got seven tenths of rain last 00:33 night. So we'll start kind of digging and looking at root systems looking at the structure of it, but we're here this morning looking just 00:39 at emergence in general and seeing how we done with the planner and then saying if anything sticks out from one trial to the next we have about four different trials, 00:48 I think it is replicated for different times. And this will be the May 11th field day. So this is the corn you'll see there. It's just got coming up. We've 00:57 got several Flags out here all kind of stuff going on in first tuba twos looking forward to seeing y'all but here's the update on it. Corn's 01:06 coming through May 11th will be right here in the field.

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