The Boron Trucker
18 Jul 220 min 46 sec

The only thing that Chad loves more than Boron itself are the different sources of Boron.  He talks about how he uses CalBor from

Concept Agritek.

00:00 So this Chad Henderson with extreme egg and his Cowboy time. So this is Cowboy from concept agrotech trade 00:06 marking them folks over there Burt. All that mixed up is Cowboy. Here's mix of calcium and Boron. Obviously. It's a paint to the acre rate and we're putting it on with fungicide 00:15 So today, we're making a fungicide blend. You know, we want to go you seen some Sweet Success in there now. We're going to Cowboy. 00:22 the sticker in the tank This is our Boron. You know, I'm a boron man, but this is another source of boron that we get and the calcium is just 00:32 a trucker that helps get the bore on in but this is a again our Boron for our pollination. We're already 00:38 in the pollination part, but it's the late pollination. We just continuing with that grain field.

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