The Best Wheat Crop Yet
13 Jun 232 min 40 sec

Kelly thinks he will still finish dead last in the XtremeAg wheat wager, and he doesn't expect his wheat yields to break 100, or come close. So how did a crop that was left for dead this winter turn into the best wheat crop he has ever had? He explains.

00:00 Hi, this is Kelly Garrett, Mike Evans. This is a wheat wager video. Mike, we didn't think this wheat was gonna be very good. 00:06 We actually tore up a third of it on top of the hill. It was so dry when we planted it, it winter killed out. Now you've been working with this some foliar applications. 00:15 We haven't applied much nitrogen to it at all because of our new chemistry perspective. What do you think? 00:21 Yeah, if you would've told me in April, uh, that this one we'll be looking at in middle of June, I probably told you you were a little bit on the sauce. So, um, yeah, 00:30 it's come around a lot, you know, like we've done some new testing and stuff. Put a four p four fuller applications on it. Um, I think we've probably, 00:38 what I tell you, huh? 50 pounds of total nitrogen on this so far, Which is the amazing part. Only 50 pounds of nitrogen. 00:44 Yeah, I'm sure there's some low yielding spots in here that it might be suffer a little bit, but you know, if you look at what we got, what we got today, I, 00:52 it looks pretty good. It's shorter, which is good as well. But, um, it's really tilled out. It's really filled out by the samples. 01:00 We've got a lot of nutrition in this plant and it's kind of showing it out here as we're looking at it today. 01:06 And when we look at the SAP analysis that we're getting back, there's plenty of nitrogen here, which is our whole point. 01:12 So I don't know what this wheat's gonna yield. I don't know if, we'll, maybe we're gonna come in last cuz we don't have much of a stand and things like 01:18 that. But I'm so excited about this wheat crop because of what we've learned with the SAP testing. We've kind of validated how much nitrogen is in the soil, 01:26 which is what our research from last fall was last winter. And now we can apply this same sort of, uh, perspective to our corn crop. Yep. 01:34 And I don't know what it's gonna yield. This is best wheat crop I've ever had because of what we've learned here. I'm really excited about it. 01:40 Yeah. And I don't know, we haven't carried up the investment dollars, but, you know, pretty low. Yeah. 01:45 We haven't put on 30 gallons of u n or anything like that yet. Like we've typically done in the past total 01:49 Because we don't need it. Yeah. So, you know, we probably put on, I'd say around 150, 170 bucks total in fertility on here with different passes, 01:58 including fungicide and things like that. So pg um, so it's been pretty intriguing to watch 'em grow. Yes. You know, Matt's down there, combine and hunter bushel wheat. 02:10 I have no idea. I, I doubt this makes a hundred, but the profitability of it, the education of it, what a great job. I, 02:17 I think we could do at least 80. I mean, yeah, and if you looked at some of the old videos of me, even me in December winter, I took that, I mean, there was no winter establishment, no nothing. 02:27 So it wasn't, It was so dry. It was so cold. Yes, it was, it was a harsh winter here. So, well, we'll have to see what it yields.

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