The Art Form of Desiccation
13 Sep 231 min 33 sec

Kelly learned about desiccation a few years ago from his fellow XtremeAg farmers and he has not looked back ever since. He talks about the control it gives him over harvest.

00:00 We're out here in our first soybean field, and, uh, Richie's behind me here, desiccating it. 00:04 Wind Grove and Burner have been out here scouting for a couple days. This isn't actually the first field we planted, but this field's ready to go. 00:11 It really is kind of an art form to come out and scout these beans to me. We wanna make sure that the midbrain is out attached to the pod in the Tom Port 00:19 notes and Evans and Wind Grove and Ver, they're the guys that go out and scout 'em for us. Uh, Richie's spraying Paraquat right now to desiccate these beans. 00:28 It'll take two weeks and we'll be out here combining these, uh, today. I guess it's go time. There's a fair amount of, uh, 00:34 water hemp out here as well about something we're particularly happy about. The water hemp has been very challenging to kill this year, 00:41 especially with our Liberty program. We're probably gonna change our chemical program, uh, for next year, but I really don't, 00:47 I really haven't worried about the water hemp as much as maybe in past years because now you know the deic, uh, we'll, 00:54 we'll desiccate the water hemp as well. Desiccate soybeans is something I've just alerted since I started XT Extreme Ag with Matt Miles, Kevin Matthews, Chad Henderson, alerted from those guys. Uh, 01:05 I would like to say that, uh, Matt is the godfather of desiccation. In my opinion, it's one of the most important things I think I've ever learned. 01:12 One of the most progressive things I've ever learned is about desiccating beans. And I, I gotta tell you, I would raise beans if I could desiccating in, 01:20 makes harvest out or enjoyable. And it really adds to the income level, the r o i of the bead because it makes harvest so much easier.

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