The Arkansas Wheat Freeze
5 Jan 231 min 18 sec

Layne Miles checks in on his wheat after the polar vortex dipped down and brought sub-freezing temperatures into southeast Arkansas. 

00:00 Hey guys, Lane miles here. Today. We're in the wheat field this rain. So it's a little bit muddy. So we're not to go get to go out there 00:06 and show you where the real good weed is, you know, it not quite as good here on the turmo, you know, about 14 days 00:12 10 days ago right around the Christmas time, you know, we all got that big winter storm and we come out here right after we got back from hunting with 00:21 temple and it was brown. I mean, it was pretty tough looking got on Facebook kind of looking around and and that's a 00:30 big Hot Topic seem like in a lot of a lot of areas is is whether or not this week's gonna be hard or not. All right guys, so here, you 00:36 know, we've got it we've got we pulled up a little bit of Wheat and you know, that's some of the the dead tissue 00:42 that really got burnt pretty good. You can see here now that that we're sort of Greening back up our terminals look good or Taylor still 00:51 look good, you know, our outside top foliages got a little bit of burn to it, but I think we're still got a pretty healthy plant all of our 01:00 wheat gurus extreme Ag and whatnot. Say that that we're still okay. Just just hold tight. f*** your seat belt and it's coming back. 01:08 so here it is guys. We're we're gonna hold tight Buck our seat belts.

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