The Arkansas Flood
6 Jan 231 min 32 sec

A week after being hit by unusually cold temperatures, 2023 is not off to the best start in Southeast Arkansas as big storms cause flooding at Mile's Farms and the


 lift station to work overtime.  

00:00 What's up guys Lane miles here. You know a few years ago. We got the whole. 19 inch rain and we we showed y'all 00:09 some videos on that the flash floods. We had another one. flash flood yesterday morning 00:14 and night before last anyways, this is a it wasn't quite 19 inches. It was more like three or so around where we are, but it coming like it come really 00:26 really quick. Just just an hour or so worth of two hours worth of extreme rain. Uh, anyways, we'll get those flash floods. This is kind of what we look 00:36 like. I'm standing here at what we call 43 Canal which is one of our big drainage ditches, but it's it's right here next to the tile field. Anyway, this is what happens whenever we get these flash floods 00:45 guys, and I'll show you kind I'll show you the lift station and where the lift station is is our 00:50 One of our absolute lowest Fields, so it's it's the worst. Not every field looks like this. But but when we 00:57 get these flash floods, this is what it looks like the lift stations right down there. I don't know if I can zoom in if you can see it. 01:07 That's where that Canal just run over in, you know through the through the pipes and whatnot and come come back. It's all Backwater. 01:16 They're around a 30 acre field. and it there's the stuff weak way dress where we're gonna 01:24 kick all extreme eggs, but right there.

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