Thats What Makes This Dryer So Efficient
25 Aug 231 min 55 sec

Johnny talks about the options available to farmers and what he likes about the

Superior Grain Equipment

Dryer he installed. 

00:00 Johnny Ver with the stream Ag. I'm here with roadie with superior grain equipment. We were talking about, you know, when we're looking at buying a dryer, 00:06 when a farmer's looking at buying a dryer, what all, what all options does he have? We offer the small dryers all the way up to the big commercial units. Uh, 00:14 we got big commercial units on farms of your size, you know, use this kind of right in the middle, uh, 32 18, 32 foot long, 00:23 18 tiers, roughly about 4,000 bushels an hour. Uh, we started at 1610, so that's 16 feet long, 10 tiers tall. Uh, about a thousand bushels an hour at five points all the way up to 48, 26, 48 00:36 feet long, 26 tiers tall. Uh, running about 8,300 bushels an hour. So we pretty much cover the gamut. Um, you know, the different reason why we go longer and taller, 00:47 it's a minimum of 10 tiers. We've got the single burner inside there with the fans underneath, and you pressurize that inner plenum. It, it's wide open inside there. 00:56 So you're actually, all the fans are working together. Instead of having multiple fans of say, a 30, 40, 50 horse motor times two fans, you know, 01:06 we're running on this one, for instance, eight fans, 20 horse a piece, but they're all working in conjunction. So you're, you're not, you know, 01:12 having that separate fan issue. Yeah. All the air is going in one direction. Exactly. Yeah. And that's one thing that makes this dryer so efficient is the air flow's 01:21 constantly going up. So if there's any, as the heat's coming down, we're blowing the heat right back to the 01:25 Top. Absolutely. And up, up at the top we have that, that preheat with that, that Turkey roots up there. 01:30 We're actually getting some of the air that's coming in, the preheated air coming through there. So you're coming up through the grain, 01:36 but you're also coming up into that preheat. So you're starting that drying front all the way up in the roof. That's right. Instead of actually starting in the call. Yeah. Yeah, 01:44 Absolutely. So once again, it's just a lot of good options here. Whatever you size, you need to fit your farm. 01:49 They have that availability for you.

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