Testing Zinc for Enhanced Root Development in Corn:
19 Jun 241m 37s

Last year Kevin Matthews conducted an in-furrow trial with a Zinc product and saw impressive results in a drought year. He aims to find out how it will perform in a wet year.

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00:00 So today we're planting a, uh, squat with the in furrow. This is a Z product. 00:06 This is a Z nine from Concept A Protect. We did this trial last year and we've seen some pretty impressive results on root 00:13 development in the corn plant. So we're trying it again this year. We'd like to replicate things. 00:18 So what I've done here, I've got 24 rows. I've got four passes of 24 rows with our grower standard, and then we added one quart of the Z nine. 00:28 It mixed perfectly fine with our total FOSS product that we are using. We're using nutri charge in there. Accomplished max. 00:36 We're using Rev line 4.0 from bare stem in our grower standard. We added the Z nine to that. No issues whatsoever. 00:45 No screen plugging, any of that kind of nature. Why are we wanting to use this zinc brought up what's our goal? 00:51 Zinc is what you would say, uh, candy for the biology in. So the microorganisms love that zinc 00:58 and what that does is it makes it a happier place for them to live and to help the roots develop 01:03 and thrive with the plants. And it can help us under drought conditions and in good conditions. 01:08 That's what we're after here again, we did this last year st really good root development. So now we're wanting 01:14 to sea root development without a drought situation like that crop had last year 01:19 and see what kind of yield benefit we can get over a two year period and see if we can put this 01:24 in as our grower standard. It's, it's really looking like it will be, but um, we'll let the combine 01:29 and the scales till, till the tail. Y'all stay tuned. 18.

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