Testing Pelletized Carbon for Improved Yields
11 Jul 241m 29s

Kevin is field testing a pelletized carbon product from SprayTec, which they encountered during a trip to Brazil. The aim is to determine if it can enhance soil and crop yields in the United States as it does in Brazil. They are spreading the product at varying rates from 20 to 50 pounds per acre to observe the response.

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00:00 Out here today doing work for spray tech, trying some products that we've seen. While Chad, Matt 00:05 and I was over in Brazil, they asked us if they could ship some to the United States and we would try it and see if we could get a response 00:11 with our soils and yields like they do over there with this product. It's a pelletized carbon. 00:15 We're spreading it at a rate of 20 pound spray acre, and I'm actually going from 20 to 50 pounds per acre to see how it responds. 00:23 The density on this product is about 61 pounds. I've checked it twice, 61 time and 61 the next time. And it's just a little small pellets carbon. 00:32 Not sure exactly a hundred percent what I was in there. I'm don't know that they'd tell you, but, uh, it was that good a product. 00:39 I'm spreading it on top of the ground. It'd be an awesome product to run in the strip till rig with that low rate. 00:44 But we're just, we're leaving some unchecked strips on the farm here. There'll be corn on this ground 00:50 and we're gonna see how it performs. If it performs. If this is a place for something that we could use in agriculture here in the United States, 00:58 there are a lot of carbon products that's used in the turf industry and all, and it's, they have good raves and claims about it, 01:06 but I'm not familiar personally with much of it being used in agriculture, row crop agriculture, especially like we're doing here today. 01:14 But, um, y'all, ladies and gentlemen, stay tuned. We're going to carry this to harvest this fall, and we're going to see if we can find a 01:21 deviation in the field. We did.

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