Temple's Residue Breakdown
12 Jan 235 min 25 sec

Temple and Chad check check on the residue breakdown in 2 fields: One with a ResidueRX application and one without. Is there a difference?

00:00 Hey y'all, it's Chad Henderson with extreme Ag and come to visit our good buddy. Temple up here me and Stewart come up here duck hunting 00:06 and Matt and Lane. Got to come. We had a heck of a time did we so we was riding on Backup home and he was interested in a trial that 00:15 I did. So we stopped in on one of these Farms that we got. What this is here is this is a field that we didn't put 00:22 residue RX on when the beans first come up. If you look down here, this is what it this is what we normally look like and we're 00:31 really not I mean Chad what's the difference in this and what you're dealing with? So we always talk about you know in the South I just haven't done 00:40 a lot of this man Stuart hadn't done all this. We don't know about this race you break down because every time we every time 00:46 we chill corn you give it one rain give it 10 days corn stove starts turning black, you know, even more driving up here. It looks like some people finish yelling corn three weeks 00:55 ago. Yeah, maybe done some September they've been doing and so it's just a different animal. And so what we're not thinking about in this is maybe we're overlooking something 01:04 always see it breaks down, but maybe it's not breaking the nutrients down in the right way. So that's what temples traveling 01:10 here. And that's what I've got to get on this year and trial as well. It's breaking this double down. So now we're fixing to switch sides. 01:19 Go show you the other side and show you where he did run the residue or exit. Yeah, and let's look at the difference. 01:25 We're looking at this rescue RX trial and Temple put in and this is some of the straw from the other side of the road right there. And we brought on this side now Temple tell 01:34 us what you've done to this field and we're gonna talk about so good. So this side of the field there was two things done. So we put the Rizzo 01:40 RX on right after with the beans came up and our first round up pass our herbicide pass. We put it on and then we the whole year long. 01:49 What we were seeing was we come in here. I didn't really see it difference until it come by and hit it when they come by hit this thing man. It 01:58 was like it just kind of bloated apart. We cut longer we cut earlier we wouldn't drag enough. 02:07 So this side of the field was going to go into some type of a cover crop. There's a leak cover crop that we put in and we hit this one 02:13 one time with a turbo tail just barely scratched this this crop in but the difference is in this this material was is this side 02:22 on the other side basically the check. I mean the straw is long. It's it's really it's really intact. 02:31 And this over here, you know what? I mean? Like, I know that the turbo till did some of this. But there's a you know, we're gonna do another video here in 02:40 a minute and show you the Integrity of the two between them. I think it's a pretty big difference. So there's 02:46 a couple things we're looking at one and we got a test. This one is when you look at the protein breakdown, we'll have to test that we'll get further for the data on it. Number two 02:55 is we're looking at the stroll like if you've ever sprayed some Roundup on some wheat and when you hit it with combine the straw 03:01 just blows apart and that's kind of what we're looking at here. It ain't always about the straw just disappearing. It's about the 03:07 Integrity of the straw. This is what we're looking at here. This is one of the straws from other side and this straw we're 03:13 looking at Integrity of it. And as you break it it just kind of see how you you have to kind of pull it at times, you know to pull it apart. It'll still 03:22 tear and it's still loose. But some of these other ones when Temple was tearing him, they would actually have some dust come off of them. Yeah, you 03:30 look at these and soon as you touch them. They just kind of fall right apart. There's nothing left on there's nothing. 03:36 There's no Integrity to the inside of them. I mean nothing. They just falling right apart. So with this, you know, what we're trying to do is is we're trying 03:45 to see, you know, all the fertilizers specially in this day and age with fertilizer prices where they are. 03:51 How much phosphorus how much potassium is left in this? residue and can we get it back in the ground for the next crop? Well, it's 03:59 all about the timing of it. You know, it's as well everything we've done in extreme eggs about the timing of when to do 04:05 it and how to do it and for each Farm each region that's gonna be different the timing on mine at Stewarts maybe a lot different than what 04:11 y'all got up here. What what Kelly's got for sure. Yeah, you know, so it's figuring out that timing, you know, when we 04:17 gonna turn these nutrients loose and heck. I don't know, you know, maybe we'll figure that out one of her left and I mean but just goes to show you that like all these stages and 04:26 all this thing that we're doing, you know, all these different times. Like you said it may be way different for you 04:32 and what works for me ain't gonna work for you, but that's why we're stressed out and extreme egg roll across the country, you know, 04:38 people find other people that they can follow they they can we play on this not a secret. A Better Way, well, just a better way and it's all about 04:47 being built more efficient with that with that product something like that something that's gonna break this down where more 04:53 efficient with a fertility we've got and it's about making crops about available fertility. It's not about 04:59 putting out fertility. It's about available fertility. So when this is come when you when you break this down, we're a 05:05 hundred percent available. Yeah, you know we've got available for utility here. So Temple you got anything else. I don't have 05:11 anything else. We'll keep y'all informed on this little team keep moving back or stay tuned. We'll be back 05:17 soon smashing some ducks.

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