Temple's Last Hurrah Wheat
15 Apr 231 min 58 sec

It's Temple's last application on his wheat field this season.  He knows he can beat Heath Cutrell in the Wheat Wager, but he is not sure about the rest of the XtremeAg guys.  He talks about what is going in his last application.


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Pentair Hypro

00:00 Hey guys, it's Temple Rose from the streamag here take a second and just tell you what's going on here where my 00:06 wheat field now. I actually feel kind of bad for the rest of these guys are in the wheat wager because this is where I'm gonna I'm gonna 00:12 stop you. I'm just kidding. I'm not I'm probably gonna lose terrible but I am going to beat he's cutro Heath might be the best corn Farmer in the country, but he 00:22 don't know Jack squat about wheat. I'm going back to schooling. So anyway, here's what we're getting ready to do. This is Mandalay's application on 00:31 my wheat, I'm using my Pen Air scrimstream tips on this thing. We're gonna be applying a 28 double. Oh five, we're gonna 00:40 be putting some carbons sugars humics out here. What we're using is is we're using a seat cat and we're using mmts sugar. 00:49 It's our last kind of hoorah. I've got a micronutrient pack that we're kind of eating in there with it. We're gonna try to drive a little bit of phosphorus into 00:59 this plant this late season game. Remember what we always talk about, you know, 75% of the usage 01:05 of phosphorus is in the reproductive. Well, we're getting ready to go to reproductive here before too long. So one more 01:13 I'm going to try. I had a lot of good results with it last year tremendous results in corn side dress just prior to our applicator, 01:22 you know. Just prior to tassel we went out and we we made a application of nuture charge with 28005. We think 01:33 what that did was is one we think that it stabilized our nitrogen but we think that we got enough of it down to the soul and in dirt that and 01:42 I think I can do that here with streamers too with stream tips. I think that I can wake the soul up and I can give 01:48 myself one more shot. I'm getting a little bit of late season phosphorus into this plan be back to you soon 01:54 guys, stay tuned.

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